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    Encrypting Data on the Steam Deck with Plasma Vaults
    In my previous post about the Steam Deck we discussed some of the privacy and security concerns that the device presents, and we looked at the controls it has to help mitigate some of those risks. Notably, I also complained about the lack of easy encryption options accessible from the Steam Deck ...
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    PowerShell Tips: How do I Mount a VHD or Lock a BitLocker Drive?
    encryption  |  security  |  professionally evil  |  Secure Ideas  |  getting started  |  BitLocker  |  VHD  |  rtfm  |  manage-bde  |  mount-vhd  |  manage bitlocker  |  technology  |  technology tips and tricks  |  Windows 10  |  VHDX  |  encrypted drive  |  technology tips  |  how-to  |  btfm  |  Windows 11
    PowerShell Tips How do I Mount a VHD or Lock a BitLocker Encrypted Drive?
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    File Encryption Using VHD and BitLocker
    encryption  |  Windows  |  BitLocker  |  VHD
    When I was thinking of topics to write about, the idea of protecting the data we work with came to ...
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    Why Target's Breach Included PIN Data
    encryption  |  PCI  |  data breach  |  target
    Last Friday Target issued an update acknowledging that encrypted PIN data were included in the data ...
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