Powerhouse Vulnerability Management

The first step in vulnerability management is to enumerate and classify the vulnerabilities that exist on the network.  You cannot fix what you do not know.


Many organizations have a good idea of what is on their network, but few know for sure.  Today’s networks are no longer simple static collections of physical machines.  There are virtual machines, VPNs, and personal PCs the size of a deck of cards.  Employees can deploy new hosts and enable new services quickly and easily, often without authorization.  Unfortunately, enumerating these systems and their inherent vulnerabilities can be a difficult, time-consuming task for IT personnel.  This is where NetworkScout can help.  NetworkScout Vulnerability Scanning simplifies the process to deliver a straightforward report that IT management can use to make risk-based decisions about how to secure the network.


Know Your Network

and the potential risks that may be hiding within!

Network Testing

NetworkScout Vulnerability Scanning begins the process of securing your network by identifying the available hosts and services and identifying common flaws and vulnerabilities.  After each host is detected, we determine the operating system and begin probing the host for open ports.  The communications with each open port are then analyzed to identify the type, and, if possible, the software version of the service listening on that port.  This information is then compared to an extensive list of known vulnerabilities.

After the scanning period, our consultants manually review each result-set for accuracy, to remove false positives and negatives, and then summarize the data into a one-page executive summary.  This concise summary outlines the most significant areas of concern, giving business executives the information necessary to make business-case risk decisions.  The final report also includes a custom format detailing all of the vulnerabilities discovered during the scan.


Internal Network

Internal NetworkScout allows you to easily identify where potential risks exist within your system from the perspective of a compromised host.  By providing you with an in-depth report on the current status of your corporate network security, we will help you understand if any modifications need to be made that can help improve performance or prevent future issues.
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External Network

Our External NetworkScout is designed to provide detailed assessments of your external network assets, identifying any security gaps or vulnerabilities that may exist in order to ensure your level of protection is staying up-to-date.  By mapping out and scanning your externally-facing system, you can quickly identify areas with weak security, ensuring maximum safety and risk management efforts.
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As part of our vulnerability management, we build a reliable inventory of the systems and services on your network.  AssetScout does this by running daily host discovery scans across the network so that you can detect any unauthorized devices or changes.  This is completely automated and provides a computer-readable report in JSON format ideal for feeding into tools or workflows that provide inventory management.
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NetworkScout is scoped based on the number of hosts/IP ranges you want included in the scans. During the scoping discussion with you, we will determine if the testing will include internal, external, or network ranges from both.  The base scope for NetworkScout is up to 5,120 hosts (20 class C sized networks), with more than that requiring additional scoping.


Secure Ideas’ pricing for NetworkScout is an annual fee based on the size of the network in scope, and the frequency of testing.

*Quarterly and monthly pricing above the base threshold will require additional scoping discussion(s) with the client.  


Subscription Billing Cycle Base Pricing
Quarterly (4) Annually $500 per quarter
Monthly (12) Annually $400 per month

Asset Scout

This service is included with a NetworkScout subscription at no additional cost, but does have a cost as a standalone service. 




Subscription Billing Cycle Base Pricing
Monthly (12) Annually $100 per month

Our Process

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