How well do your Web Applications stand up to present-day attacks?

Web application testing represents an ever-growing area of IT auditing and assessments that requires constant attention and new skills.  As technology evolves in this area, and more organizations come to rely upon web technologies and associated applications to run their businesses, security is increasingly important.  


While automated tools for web application scanning continue to improve, there is still a significant gap in their ability to identify the majority of application vulnerabilities.  WebScout provides a solid application security foundation by combining automated scanning with manual testing by trained consultants.  


Secure Your Web Applications

WebScout is an advanced application vulnerability assessment service designed to secure and protect your applications from potential exploitation.

Web Testing

WebScout utilizes a combination of automated and manual testing methods to identify any weaknesses or vulnerabilities in your applications.  From cross-site scripting flaws to SQL injection, directory traversal and other common web application exploits, our experienced security professionals use the most up-to-date industry standards when scanning your systems to ensure maximum effectiveness. 
Once the vulnerability assessment is complete, our team reviews all the results and filters out any false positives.  They also prioritize their findings based on severity in order to provide an accurate executive summary.  This helps business executives understand the risks they face while making informed decisions on their security posture.  The final report includes a custom report format that details all the vulnerabilities identified during the assessment process as well as recommended remediation techniques needed to address them.
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WebScout provides an invaluable service for businesses looking to ensure web compliance assurance.  Our team of experienced consultants provide insight and in-depth testing to detect vulnerabilities and security issues, giving businesses the necessary confidence that their online presence is meeting industry regulations and standards.  We provide web-based risk management services utilizing the latest technologies to reduce the likelihood of customer impact due to web based issues while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.


With WebScout, customers can have peace of mind knowing that their web presence is accounted for and that they will have a road map to ensure that they are able to meet compliance standards.

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SDLC Integration

SDLC Integration

With web application development becoming more intricate and complex, web developers often face difficulty while integrating the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).  WebScout stands out as a reliable solution to this problem.  Our trained Security Consultants provide web developers with analysis and insight to ensure their web applications are safeguarded against any potential weaknesses. 


By utilizing Secure Ideas' team of experts, web developers can rest easy knowing they reap the benefits of faster web development while taking security seriously, and can rely on Webscout's experienced consultants for superior quality results.

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On-Going Improvement

On-Going Improvement

As web security threats increase in complexity, it is important to remain vigilant and up-to-date on the latest web security improvements.  WebScout can provide the necessary resources to maximize your protection against current and upcoming web security threats.  With our trained staff of consultants here to help, you can trust in WebScout to manage your web security needs.
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WebScout is scoped based on the size and complexity of the web application in scope, whether the testing will be unauthenticated or authenticated, and the requested frequency for testing. Contact us to begin that conversation.

Secure Ideas’ pricing for this service is an annual fee based on the size and complexity of the application(s) in scope, and the frequency of testing. 
*Quarterly testing is the most commonly chosen option, but many clients also request that monthly testing be conducted.  


Size Frequency Price-range
Small One-Time $2,500
Medium One-Time $4,500
Large One-Time $8,000
Small Quarterly (4) $8,000
Medium Quarterly (4) $16,000
Large Quarterly (4) $29,000
Small Monthly (12) $24,000
Medium Monthly (12) $48,000
Large Monthly (12) $87,000

The Process

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