Elevate Your Organization's Security Expertise

Secure Ideas delivers industry-leading consulting and advisory services to shield your business from evolving cyber threats. Our seasoned team crafts bespoke plans, assessing your existing security infrastructure, and recommending strategies to minimize risk of data breaches. We understand the imperative of securing your data and are committed to resolving any security issues. With Secure Ideas, rely on our expertise and focus on your core business.


Consulting & Advisory Solutions

InfoSec Advisory

Our InfoSec Advisory service is now part of our comprehensive Professionally Evil Testing as a Service (PETaaS) offering. The Advisory Tier of PETaaS is ideal for organizations seeking expert insights and technical consulting on their security measures. It includes a thorough security analysis and clear, actionable recommendations to protect your data. Learn more about how our advisory services can keep your organization secure.

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Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercises

Evaluate your organization's readiness and collaboration during a cyber crisis. This engaging learning experience encourages active participation, enhancing your crisis management plan.

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PCI Compliance

Are you ready to keep up with the ever-changing regulations and updated data security standards?  It's critical for your organization to take all the necessary precautions for PCI compliance– a necessary part of keeping sensitive customer information safe.  PCI Compliance testing offers the peace of mind that comes from knowing your business is secure.  By undergoing ASV and QSA testing, you can rest assured that your solutions are compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).
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Our Pillars of Trust

Secure Ideas has been excelling in security testing since 2010, with a team of consultants each boasting at least ten years of IT experience. We aim to enhance our clients' security posture in every engagement. Here's why we stand out:



Though we are referred to as hackers, Secure Ideas was founded on a strong foundation of ethical security testing. Well defined rules of engagement, local and federal laws, and our clients' privacy are all critical considerations to us in every engagement.



You will never have to worry about Secure Ideas trying to pass off an automated scan as a penetration test. We make an effort to understand the technology and the current threat landscape to thoroughly test the security of IT systems and advise our clients accordingly.



We place a high value on our relationships with our clients. It is not enough to just do a penetration test and write up a report. At Secure Ideas, we welcome follow-up conversations, feedback, and questions from our clients year-round.

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