Stay ahead of dark web threats

Secure Ideas’ Dark web monitoring is a subscription that involves ongoing monitoring of the dark web for the client's personal information or company data.  This can include things like the client's email address, passwords, financial information, and other sensitive data.  Secure Ideas uses Flare to continuously monitor the dark web for any instances of the client's information, and if any is found, the client will receive an alert about it.  In addition to these alerts, the client will also receive a monthly report detailing any information that was found, including any leaked passwords from the organization’s staff.  This service is designed to help protect the client's corporate and financial information from being compromised on the dark web.



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Our preliminary report gives you essential insights, including the total number of hosts matching your domain, identified vulnerabilities, exposed services, and any leaked credentials alerts.


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The price of dark web monitoring is determined by the number of identifiers (in bundles of 200).  Flare defines identifiers as the domain names (including subdomains), people, keywords, or IP addresses.


Most clients will use the domain or person identifiers.

Dark Web Monitoring

Monitoring can either be an ongoing subscription for 12 months (billed annually), or single a point-in-time.

Identifiers Period Price
Up to 200 12 months $1,250 / mo
Up to 200 1 time $1,800

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