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Our team of consultants has collectively conducted thousands of penetration tests. We are some of the best experts in the industry and have cultivated strong client relationships built on quality, actionable results. 


Penetration Test Solutions

Network Testing

Secure Ideas offers comprehensive network testing services to help organizations identify and mitigate risks from both internal and external threats.  Our experienced team will carry out thorough scanning and testing of your networks, workstations and systems to identify vulnerabilities and exposure points.  We will then provide detailed recommendations on how to improve security controls and mitigate risks.  Our network testing services are an essential part of any organization's security strategy.

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Application Testing

Secure Ideas specializes in Web Application testing to help organizations keep their data safe from potential attacks.  Our experienced consultants will work with you to scope out the project and identify vulnerabilities in your web infrastructure.  We then exploit any weaknesses through a number of tools and techniques in the public-facing aspects of the web application infrastructure, all with the goal of keeping your data confidential and your systems safe.

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API and Mobile Application

API and Mobile Application testing is crucial for any organization that wants to ensure the security of their data and systems.  With Secure Ideas, you can be sure that your API endpoints are thoroughly tested for vulnerabilities and potential attacks.  We use industry-leading standards to evaluate the security of your API infrastructure and identify weaknesses that could be exploited by attackers.  We then provide detailed recommendations for remediation, so you can rest assured that your API is secure.

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These activities will be used by your organization to gauge the risk to your process' reliability and resilience by defining the current security posture, identifying high-risk vulnerabilities, and collaborating with your team to prioritize mitigations that manage and maintain your critical production assets.


Our team implements a combination of passive and active information gathering to help your team understand the digital security of the process environment with minimal risk to production assets' availability.

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Continuous Penetration Testing

Continuous penetration testing solution helps you to constantly monitor your IT infrastructure for security vulnerabilities.  By running regular tests, you can identify and fix potential security issues before they are exploited by attackers.

Continuous penetration testing is an essential part of any organization's security strategy.  It helps you to stay one step ahead of the hackers and ensure that your systems are always secure.
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IoT and Embedded Device Testing

Embedded devices are everywhere.  They’re in our homes, our cars, our workplaces, and even in our bodies.  And as the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow, so too does the need for comprehensive testing of these devices to ensure they are secure.

That’s where Secure Ideas comes in.  We specialize in IoT and embedded device testing, with the primary goal of evaluating the attack surface of the devices and the ecosystem around them.  This includes a full enumeration of the solution’s attack surfaces and how they interface with each other, as well as the threat models that would arise from the device’s unique real-world capabilities. 
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Comprehensive Testing (Red Team)

Comprehensive Red Team Testing is the most effective way to assess your organization's security posture.  Our team of experienced security professionals will simulate a real-world attack, testing your defenses and identifying any weak points.  This comprehensive approach provides invaluable insights into your security posture and helps you address any vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.
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Physical Penetration Testing

Are you confident that your physical security measures are up to the challenge of keeping your data and systems safe?  At Secure Ideas, we understand the importance of protecting your business at all levels, including the physical world.
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Wireless Testing

Wireless Testing is an essential tool for understanding the security and vulnerabilities of your current Wi-Fi network.  Our services includes a cooperative configuration assessment as well as authenticated and unauthenticated assessments with a comprehensive overview, so that you know exactly where you stand.  Working together, we will provide you with a tailored wireless security solution that meets the needs of your organization. 

Secure your wireless networks today by utilizing our Wireless Testing!

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Need Lots of Testing?

Secure Ideas understands that cybersecurity needs vary across organizations. Whether it's continuous penetration testing, aligning security within development, or supporting an understaffed infosec team, flexibility is paramount.


Our Testing Credits system, paired with Professionally Evil Testing as a Service, offers a versatile solution for your security challenges. Purchase credits for streamlined access to our range of services, enabling a quick response to emerging threats.


Through PETaaS, we offer continuous penetration testing and flexible credit purchases to suit various requirements. Collaborate with Secure Ideas and ensure a robust security posture tailored to your specific needs.


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Our Pillars of Testing

Secure Ideas has been testing security systems since 2010, and its core testing competency is performed by consultants with at least ten years of IT experience each.  Our primary goal in every penetration testing engagement is to help our clients improve their security posture. Here are a few other ways we stand out:



Though we are referred to as hackers, Secure Ideas was founded on a strong foundation of ethical security testing.  Well defined rules of engagement, local and federal laws, and our clients' privacy are all critical considerations to us in every engagement.



You will never have to worry about Secure Ideas trying to pass off an automated scan as a penetration test.  We make an effort to understand the technology and the current threat landscape to thoroughly test the security of IT systems and advise our clients accordingly.



We place a high value on our relationships with our clients.  It is not enough to just do a penetration test and write up a report.  At Secure Ideas, we welcome follow-up conversations, feedback, and questions from our clients year-round.

Our Process

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