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Penetration testing, also known as ethical hacking, is a proactive cybersecurity approach where professionals simulate cyberattacks to uncover vulnerabilities in computer systems, networks, or web applications. The goal is to identify and address potential weaknesses before malicious hackers can exploit them.


Through penetration testing, organizations gain a real-world perspective on their cybersecurity, enabling them to assess the effectiveness of existing security measures and incident response protocols. This process goes beyond merely identifying vulnerabilities; it provides a comprehensive evaluation of an organization's ability to detect, respond, and mitigate potential cyber threats.


The insights derived from penetration testing not only guide the implementation of targeted security enhancements but also empower decision-makers with the knowledge needed to make informed investments in cybersecurity, ensuring a proactive and adaptive defense against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

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What is Penetration Testing?

Learn more about penetration testing with Secure Ideas' CEO, Kevin Johnson, and how our experts can help you and your company. 

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Network Testing

Secure Ideas offers comprehensive network testing services to help organizations identify and mitigate risks from both internal and external threats.  Our experienced team will carry out thorough scanning and testing of your networks, workstations and systems to identify vulnerabilities and exposure points.  We will then provide detailed recommendations on how to improve security controls and mitigate risks.  Our network testing services are an essential part of any organization's security strategy.

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Application Testing

Secure Ideas specializes in Web Application testing to help organizations keep their data safe from potential attacks.  Our experienced consultants will work with you to scope out the project and identify vulnerabilities in your web infrastructure.  We then exploit any weaknesses through a number of tools and techniques in the public-facing aspects of the web application infrastructure, all with the goal of keeping your data confidential and your systems safe.

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API and Mobile Application

API and Mobile Application testing is crucial for any organization that wants to ensure the security of their data and systems.  With Secure Ideas, you can be sure that your API endpoints are thoroughly tested for vulnerabilities and potential attacks.  We use industry-leading standards to evaluate the security of your API infrastructure and identify weaknesses that could be exploited by attackers.  We then provide detailed recommendations for remediation, so you can rest assured that your API is secure.

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These activities will be used by your organization to gauge the risk to your process' reliability and resilience by defining the current security posture, identifying high-risk vulnerabilities, and collaborating with your team to prioritize mitigations that manage and maintain your critical production assets.


Our team implements a combination of passive and active information gathering to help your team understand the digital security of the process environment with minimal risk to production assets' availability.

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IoT and Embedded Device Testing

Embedded devices are everywhere.  They’re in our homes, our cars, our workplaces, and even in our bodies.  And as the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow, so too does the need for comprehensive testing of these devices to ensure they are secure.

That’s where Secure Ideas comes in.  We specialize in IoT and embedded device testing, with the primary goal of evaluating the attack surface of the devices and the ecosystem around them.  This includes a full enumeration of the solution’s attack surfaces and how they interface with each other, as well as the threat models that would arise from the device’s unique real-world capabilities. 
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Physical Penetration Testing

Are you confident that your physical security measures are up to the challenge of keeping your data and systems safe?  At Secure Ideas, we understand the importance of protecting your business at all levels, including the physical world.
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Wireless Testing

Wireless Testing is an essential tool for understanding the security and vulnerabilities of your current Wi-Fi network.  Our services includes a cooperative configuration assessment as well as authenticated and unauthenticated assessments with a comprehensive overview, so that you know exactly where you stand.  Working together, we will provide you with a tailored wireless security solution that meets the needs of your organization. 

Secure your wireless networks today by utilizing our Wireless Testing!

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Penetration Testing Approaches

Secure Ideas takes a multifaceted approach to penetration testing, recognizing that each client’s security needs are unique. Offering diverse methods to clients helps tailor each engagement to those specific demands.

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Continuous Penetration Testing

Continuous penetration testing ensures ongoing vigilance against threats by regularly testing and validating security defenses at predetermined intervals. The frequency of these tests will vary for each organization, i.e. depending on their industry, compliance and regulatory adherence, and evolving threats. This approach is different than a traditional “point-in-time” test that may not be adequate in getting coverage of an environment and vulnerabilities. This ongoing visibility into a client’s systems is vital for staying ahead of new threats and minimizing the risk of a security incident occurring.

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Ideal for identifying immediate vulnerabilities of an organization’s target environment, and is typically a shorter duration than the other testing approaches on this list. However, like some of the others, it requires intense collaboration between the client and the penetration testing team.
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Purple Team Testing

Facilitate a more collaborative approach between security and operations teams to enhance security postures through knowledge sharing. Continuous feedback between red and blue teams is the cornerstone of a successful purple teaming engagement. Blue teams might provide insights into their defensive strategies, controls, and detection capabilities, while red teams might share their attack methods, tactics, and techniques. Employing this type of approach will help support an organization’s strategic planning and risk management initiatives by pinpointing areas for improvement for both sides of the house.

Red Team Testing
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Red Team Testing

Mimic real-world attacks to help clients assess their readiness and response capabilities more comprehensively. Unlike a traditional penetration test that is focused on identifying as many vulnerabilities as possible, this approach is geared toward the evaluation of the effectiveness of the entire security infrastructure, including personnel awareness and readiness, security controls, IR capabilities, etc. Oftentimes, this incorporates a scenario-based model tailored to the specific organization’s environment to provide a more realistic assessment of how they are able to both detect and respond/thwart sophisticated attacks from malicious actors. Because of this, red teaming is typically more stealthy in nature to avoid detection, which should be more effective at validating their defensive measures.
Ride Along Testing
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Ride Along Testing

Enables our experts to be embedded within the client’s internal security team or IT operations for a predetermined testing window. This hands-on approach is focused on providing guidance and mentorship throughout the testing process. Sharing best practices, techniques, and methodologies that might not otherwise be conveyed when testing is performed independently. This firsthand experience also serves to improve their skills and enhance their overall security capabilities. Ride alongs typically help our team gain deeper insights into the client’s infrastructure, processes, and challenges which aid in understanding their unique security requirements to then tailor testing strategies accordingly. This collaboration ultimately leads to more effective pen testing outcomes and strengthens the client’s overall security posture.
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time boxed testing
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Time-Boxed Penetration Testing

Time-boxed penetration testing requires scope to be prioritized to focus on the most critical assets and systems for testing. This should be based solely on each client’s risk profile, business priorities, and potential impact of vulnerabilities. During this type of engagement, continuous communication is key to provide regular updates on progress, any findings, and to ensure there is no deviation from the initial scope. This is a tough balancing act of managing client expectations and aligning with the client’s stated objectives for their specific engagement, while still providing valuable and actionable insights.

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Our Process

Learn more about Penetration Testing (FAQ)

Why do I need a penetration test?

A penetration test ensures the resilience of your digital assets against malicious intrusions. Through penetration testing, vulnerabilities within your network and website are systematically pinpointed and rectified, thereby enhancing its overall defenses. This not only aids in averting potential data breaches but also fosters improved visibility and credibility online, as search algorithms tend to prioritize secure and reliable networks and websites.

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How often do I need a Penetration Test?

Professionally Evil Testing as a Service (PETaaS)

Embrace cyber resilience with Professionally Evil Testing as a Service (PETaaS). Our experts meticulously simulate real-world cyber threats, identifying vulnerabilities and fortifying your digital defenses.


Gain actionable insights, strengthen your security posture, and navigate the digital landscape confidently. Partner with Secure Ideas to elevate your cybersecurity strategy, ensuring robust protection against ever-changing threats.


Our unique approach combines essential features and dedicated support, tailored to elevate your penetration testing program and ensure it meets the evolving challenges of today's cybersecurity terrain. 

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Great facilities, great team, professional and dedicated employees, and amazing leadership. Enjoy the benefits of monthly meetings after work in their conference room. Thank you so much for all you do for the community.

- Brandi Kiehl, Google Review

Great people! Professional and good at their job.

- Gunther Helms, Client

In general, Kevin and Secure Ideas are the sweet spot in which capitalism and community service intersect. His organization is a positive reflection on Jacksonville and the computer security industry.

- Keith Perry, Client

Kevin and his team are highly skilled and consummate professionals in the field of information security, and my clients have all been duly impressed with Secure Ideas' services.

- Dave Shackleford, Client