No bugs left behind: Make sure your web applications are secure with Expert Penetration Testing Services!

Highly experienced professionals are essential for effective penetration testing, as they have the skills and expertise necessary to identify vulnerabilities in complex web applications that may not be obvious to those with less experience.  Allow us to lend you our expertise, so you will be better equipped with practical solutions to close any security gaps found during your web app penetration test.


More than just a checkbox

Our tests go in depth to thoroughly uncover security weaknesses in  web applications and help organizations identify potential risks before they become a costly reality.  Be it your internal requirements, or an industry-standard, we can make our web application penetration test work for you!


Web Application Penetration Test Formats

We understand that our clients need applications tested to meet a variety of different goals, so we are flexible in how we get the job done.  We can take a few different approaches to penetration testing your web applications. Here are the most common ones:

Gray Box Test

This is the most common form of an application penetration test and is also what most organizations need if they are meeting an industry standard for annual testing. To complete your gray box test, we'll need access to the application and a couple of test user accounts for each main role.
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Collaborative Test

Sometimes this is called a white-box or crystal-box test,  or a slight variation is called a hackathon test. This test format is the best option for teams who also want to use the penetration test as a learning experience. Our consultants will conduct the test with your developers or your internal application security team. This will include in-depth sessions to explain and show our test procedures. It will often include collaborative sessions of reviewing source code to trace specific application behavior and look for vulnerabilities.
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This is penetration testing designed to run in line with your software development lifecycle (SDLC). You want SDLC testing when you are trying to extend the capacity of your internal testing team in order to establish application penetration testing routines as part of your regular release process. SDLC testing is typically conducted like a gray box test, except with scope limited by the release. We'll even open issues in your bug tracking system (e.g. Jira) for you.

Our prepaid testing credits are a great option for managing your SDLC-based testing needs.

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Authenticated DAST Scan

This is not a penetration test because it is mostly automated, but it is a type of web application assessment. Authenticated DAST (or Dynamic Application Security Testing) scans are a common requirement for compliance reasons in certain industries. Our Web Scout product will meet your needs if you have this types of requirement.
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We estimate the effort to test a web application by its complexity.  We also look for opportunities to lower the effort, such as combining the testing of multiple applications, reduced effort from frequent tests of the same application (e.g. SDLC testing).

Gray Box Test

A gray box web application penetration test is a time-boxed test that is sized according to the complexity of the application. The following chart will give you some guidance on what to expect for this type of test:

Size Scope Price-range
Small Small, single purpose application. Up to five pages of dynamic content. $7,800
Average Average application, multiple roles, up to 25 pages of dynamic content. $13,000
Large Large application, multiple roles, up to 50 pages of dynamic content. $20,800
Enterprise Enterprise or flagship application, any number of roles and pages of dynamic content. $33,800+

Scoping and rates for test formats other than Gray Box will depend a lot on your specific requirements. The chart below will provide you with some guidance, but we recommend scheduling a scoping call with one of our consultants.

Type Scope Price
Collaborative Days of consulting effort Typically the high-end of Gray Box price range
SDLC Test Days of consulting effort Varies by application, and release complexity & frequency
Authenticated Scan See Web Scout for details

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