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How to iterate through advfirewall rules

This article describes how to use Powershell to sort through Windows advfirewall rules and settings. It also provides information on using loops,...


Working With Data: IP and Port Filtering

This article describes how to improve filtering on excel columns containing IP:Port information. A custom filter can be created to differentiate...


Coming Soon - Twelve Days of ZAPmas

This announcement teases the upcoming (December 2022) series providing an onramp for developers and QA specialists to start using OWASP Zed Attack...


Nmap vs. Masscan

A blog comparing the difference between Nmap and Masscan with a use case demonstrating selecting the right tool for the job.


JuiceShop Workshop in less than 5 minutes

Have you ever deployed 10-30 containers in AWS with the single stroke of a key? Keep reading to find out how we did exactly this for a training class.