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    Quick Bites 9 – Adventuring into the Unknown: The Hacker Subculture
    One of the really cool things about being a hacker is that we get to discover new things. It’s kind of like being an adventurer or explorer. You might feel like Lara Croft or Indiana Jones some days because of the cool things you find. I’ve found more and more lately that I love exploring and going ...
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    The reason I stopped using Postman for API Pentests
    I’ve been a proponent of Postman for a number of years. I’ve written and spoken about using it in ...
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    Exploring Sentry Safe Exploit on the Flipper Zero with Logic Analyzer
    hacking  |  hardware  |  flipper zero  |  sentry  |  safe  |  logic analyzer
    Overview I recently had a friend that wanted to learn how to use a logic analyzer. Given the number ...
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    Webcast: Minor Flaws, Cumulative Risks
    Cyber  |  webcast
    Imagine unraveling a classic whodunit murder mystery, where every subtle clue—a misplaced glove, a ...
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    Mission Imfuzzable: How to Fuzz Web Apps you can't Intercept
    Introduction Fuzzing is a critical technique for finding vulnerabilities in web applications by ...
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    Webcast: Thrift Store Cracking Server: Popping Hashes Guide
    hardware  |  webcast  |  password  |  server builds  |  password cracking
    (image was generated by Stable Diffusion, and is not an accurate representation of our cracking ...
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    Taming the Enterprise AI Beast Webcast
    AI  |  webcast
    As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to become more and more integral to business operations, ...
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    12 Hacks of Christmas Day 12: Twelve Drummers Deleting Digital Clutter
    🎵 On the twelfth day, clear digital clutter with twelve drummers deleting. Regularly review and ...
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    12 Hacks of Christmas Day 11: Eleven Pipers Practicing Safe Browsing
    🎵 On the eleventh day, practice safe browsing with eleven pipers practicing. Be mindful of the ...
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    12 Hacks of Christmas Day 10: Ten Lords a-Cautious Shopping
    🎵 On the tenth day, be cautious when shopping with ten lords a-cautious shopping. Stick to ...
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