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    12 Hacks of Christmas Day 2: Two-Turtle Authentication Unveiled
    🎡 On the second day of Christmas, enhance your security strategy with two-turtle authentication. ...
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    12 Hacks of Christmas Day 1: A Partridge in a Secure Password Tree
    🎡 On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: a partridge in a secure password tree. ...
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    The 12 Hacks of Christmas: Cybersecurity Edition Series
    The holiday season is here, bringing with it a whirlwind of festivities, joy, and, unfortunately, a ...
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    Thanksgiving Hacks: Recipes for Cybersecurity Success
    cybersecurity  |  password
    As we gather around the table to celebrate Thanksgiving, it's essential to extend our gratitude to ...
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    What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?
    Multi-factor authentication (MFA), also known as two-factor authentication (2FA) or two-step ...
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    Encrypting Data on the Steam Deck with Plasma Vaults
    encryption  |  Gaming  |  Privacy  |  Steam Deck
    In my previous post about the Steam Deck we discussed some of the privacy and security concerns ...
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    Using PETaaS to Lower Your Cyber Insurance Costs
    information security  |  cybersecurity  |  pentesting  |  cost  |  PETaaS  |  Cyber Insurance  |  Insurance
    Modern networks have more than their fair share of risks, with the most damaging often being data ...
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    Flipper Zero: A Hardware Hacking Multitool Webcast
    Training  |  hacking  |  hardware  |  webcast  |  flipper zero
    The Flipper Zero is known as a hacking multitool. It can cover a range of hacking from sub-ghz ...
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    CyberScream - Hacking Like a Ghost(face)
    consulting  |  data breach  |  penetration testing  |  professionally evil  |  hacking  |  analysis  |  cybersecurity  |  pentesting  |  phishing  |  security breach  |  exploits  |  Halloween  |  webcast
    It’s that most hauntingly wonderful time of year again! Halloween is upon us, along with the dread ...
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    Top Ten AWS Security Configurations: Mitigating Risk in the Cloud
    security controls  |  AWS  |  cloud  |  AWS Security  |  AWS Best Practices
    In an era of increasing cloud adoption, businesses must prioritize implementation of robust ...
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