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    Hardware Hacking: Finding UART Pinouts on PCBs
    hacking  |  hardware  |  UART
    In my previous article, we started to explore the Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter ...
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    Hardware Hacking: Introduction to the UART Interface
    hacking  |  IoT  |  hardware  |  UART
    I wanted to provide some information about hardware and firmware hacking in our blogs. To get the ...
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    Introducing PETaaS: Professionally Evil Testing as a Service
    We're thrilled to announce the launch of our latest offering: Professionally Evil Testing as a ...
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    Ace CISSP Exam Prep with ChatGPT: Your AI Study Buddy
    Are you preparing for the CISSP exam or any other exam that requires a deep understanding of ...
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    NMAP NSE Scripting By Example: Wordpress Version Detection
    NMAP  |  version  |  NSE  |  Detection  |  WordPress
    In my last blog post, I gave a high-level introduction to the Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE). In this ...
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    Why we ditched LastPass
    LastPass is a very popular password management service with both personal and business solutions. ...
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    Is the CISSP Mentorship for me?
    Training  |  CISSP
    “Knowledge is power.” That quote has been said more times than you can count because it’s true. The ...
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    What happened to CVE-2022-23529? And what can we learn from it?
    If you saw the disclosure notice for the flaw CVE-2022-23529, it would have been presented as a ...
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    Risks of AI Generated Content, According to an AI Content Generator
    automation  |  Writing  |  Privacy  |  AI  |  machine learning  |  artificial intelligence
    AI and Machine Learning (ML) have become increasingly popular tools in various industries, ranging ...
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    Quick Bites 7 - Dr. TamperMonkey (Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love JavaScript)
    We get really excited here at Secure Ideas about sharing knowledge with others. Our mission ...
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    Steam Deck Privacy and Security
    security  |  Gaming  |  Privacy
    Like any portable computing device, there are going to be questions about privacy and security. The ...
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