16 February, 2024

Webcast: Minor Flaws, Cumulative Risks

Webcast: Minor Flaws, Cumulative Risks
Jon Knepp
Author: Jon Knepp

Imagine unraveling a classic whodunit murder mystery, where every subtle clue—a misplaced glove, a faint footprint, or an overheard whisper—could be the key to solving the case. In isolation, these details might seem trivial, but together, they reveal the identity of the culprit. This is the perfect analogy for our upcoming webcast, "Minor Flaws, Cumulative Risks: Cyber Insights," hosted by Secure Ideas Consultants Jon Knepp and Josh Kemp. We're set to explore how seemingly minor cybersecurity vulnerabilities, when pieced together, can lead to significant security breaches.

Overlooking low-severity findings from tools like Nessus is a common trap. We often prioritize immediate, glaring vulnerabilities, missing out on the bigger picture where small flaws, compounded by other weaknesses or external threats, can have a dramatic impact. Jon and Josh will guide us through understanding the context in which these vulnerabilities exist—showing how minor issues, like SMB or RDP services exposed to the internet or misconfigurations in network settings, can escalate into serious threats under the right conditions.

Cybersecurity, with its intricate challenges, might seem overwhelming. Yet, with expert guidance, it becomes far more navigable. This webinar is aimed at both IT experts and digital security enthusiasts, offering insights that are actionable and easy to understand.

Mark Your Calendar: Thursday, March 28, 2024 · 2:00 p.m. · Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Register Now: https://www.bigmarker.com/secureideas-llc/Minor-Flaws-Cumulative-Risks-Cyber-Insights

Join us for "Minor Flaws, Cumulative Risks: Cyber Insights" and see how a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity can help you anticipate and mitigate risks that small vulnerabilities might pose, especially when they interact with other factors. Jon Knepp and Josh Kemp are excited to share their expertise, helping you to strengthen your cybersecurity defenses effectively. We're looking forward to an engaging session that will change how you view and address cybersecurity in your organization.


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