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Welcome to the Professionally Evil Insights blog by Secure Ideas! In this digital playground, we unravel the complex world of information security with a touch of fun. Our expert-led content ranges from deep-dives into penetration testing to explorations of hardware hacking. Whether you're curious about Secure Ideas or passionate about cybersecurity, this blog is your quick, enlightening, and entertaining guide into the captivating world of information security.

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    Webcast: Minor Flaws, Cumulative Risks
    Imagine unraveling a classic whodunit murder mystery, where every subtle clue—a misplaced glove, a faint footprint, or an overheard whisper—could be the key to solving the case. In isolation, these details might seem trivial, but together, they reveal the identity of the culprit. This is the ...
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    Quick Bites Ep 6 - Good Hygiene is IMPORTANT, PEOPLE!
    Guidance  |  best practices  |  Quick Bites  |  Cyber  |  Hygiene  |  CIS Top 18  |  Blue Team
    So, I just missed a week of work because of the flu (it wasn’t COVID, I got tested). The flu SUCKS. ...
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