13 February, 2024

Taming the Enterprise AI Beast Webcast

Taming the Enterprise AI Beast Webcast
Cory Sabol
Author: Cory Sabol

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to become more and more integral to business operations, its security implications cannot be ignored. Our webcast, "Taming the Enterprise AI Beast" directly addresses this challenge.

This webcast is essential for professionals implementing generative AI in their businesses. We'll focus on the critical security issues surrounding AI, including data misuse and compliance. We will provide practical mitigation strategies and a clear plan for safely integrating AI into your enterprise while walking through a practical example of leveraging AI language models to help defend against prompt injection in applications that leverage AI.

If you're involved in AI deployment and adoption and want to ensure it's secure and compliant, this webinar is for you. Gain valuable insights to safeguard your AI initiatives and keep your enterprise at the forefront of secure AI innovation.

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