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    Exploring Sentry Safe Exploit on the Flipper Zero with Logic Analyzer
    Overview I recently had a friend that wanted to learn how to use a logic analyzer. Given the number of applications available for the Flipper Zero, I anticipated there might be some promising targets worth studying. One that I found was the Sentry safe exploit FAP by Etienne Sellan, aka Hackd4ddy, ...
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    Webcast: Thrift Store Cracking Server: Popping Hashes Guide
    hardware  |  webcast  |  password  |  server builds  |  password cracking
    (image was generated by Stable Diffusion, and is not an accurate representation of our cracking ...
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    Flipper Zero: A Hardware Hacking Multitool Webcast
    Training  |  hacking  |  hardware  |  webcast  |  flipper zero
    The Flipper Zero is known as a hacking multitool. It can cover a range of hacking from sub-ghz ...
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    Hardware Hacking: Interfacing to UART with Your Computer
    hacking  |  hardware  |  UART
    In my previous article, we covered identification and mapping of the UART interface. In that ...
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    Hardware Hacking: Finding UART Pinouts on PCBs
    hacking  |  hardware  |  UART
    In my previous article, we started to explore the Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter ...
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    Hardware Hacking: Introduction to the UART Interface
    hacking  |  IoT  |  hardware  |  UART
    I wanted to provide some information about hardware and firmware hacking in our blogs. To get the ...
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