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Credits go a long way when you want an on-going partner with penetration testing expertise. They help to streamline your procurement and contracting process, which makes it easier to shift from planning to execution.


What's even better? We turn the efficiencies into savings for you!


Using credits is easy!

Once you are ready for a credit-based engagement, just let us know and we'll scope the effort, get your approval, and  schedule the work. With the contracts and invoicing already complete, credits-based work often gets scheduled much faster.


You can use pre-paid test credits for any type of effort-based engagement we offer. To the right are a few of the things our other customers have used credits for:



Web App Penetration Tests
Testing APIs
Pentest Integration with SDLC
Security Control Tests
Security Risk Assessments

Why purchase Testing Credits?

Our testing credits are the perfect way to get more bang for your buck. With our credits, you are able to use them towards different access to services, allowing you to save more money than ever before. 


Another benefit is that we don't over or under-scope this work.  If we say a job is going to be 17 credits, and we only use 12, you only get charged for 12.

Streamlined procurement process

Streamlined Procurement Process

Streamline your procurement and contracting process, Secure Ideas' Testing Credits will make it easier to shift from planning to execution.
Our Credits
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Priority for scheduling projects

At Secure Ideas, we understand that finding the right time to start a project is crucial. That's why we prioritize scheduling projects around flexible timelines and budgets that fit your needs. We carefully evaluate project details such as deadlines, milestones, resources, technologies and other factors to create an achievable schedule that will help to bring our clients' ideas to life in the best possible way.
Our Credits


Secure Ideas offers our testing credits to help your business improve its security. Testing Credits can be used in conjunction with SASTA. This helps businesses identify and address potential security vulnerabilities more effectively.
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Discounted Pricing

Depending on the volume of credits you decide to purchase, Secure Ideas offers different discounts.

Our Discounts


Pre-purchased credits are priced at $2,200 each, and each credit represents approximately one (1) day of effort. This saves you over 8% on our regular daily consulting rate before applying the volume discount below!


The discounts are described in greater detail within the Prepaid Credit Guide Knowledge Center article.


Purchasing 50 or more credits provides free SASTA Services for 25 seats. For additional seats or questions regarding SASTA/Testing Credits, please Contact Us.

Each pre-purchased credit is approximately one day of testing effort and is part of embedding the testing within the client organization's processes, such as their SDLC. The discounts offered for volume purchases and adding on the SASTA program are described in greater detail within the Prepaid Credit Guide Knowledge Center article.


Discount Credits
5% 20-49 Credits
10% 50-99 Credits
15% 100+ Credits

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