Streamline Your Penetration Testing with Credits

Enhance your security processes and enjoy a seamless partnership through our Professionally Evil Test Credits, a key component of our Professionally Evil Testing as a Service (PETaaS). Our credit system simplifies your procurement and contracting process, fast-tracking your transition from planning to execution. Benefit from our enhanced features, services, and cost efficiencies.


Effortless Application of Test Credits!

Engaging with our PETaaS offerings is easy. Simply indicate your interest, and we'll scope the required effort, obtain your approval, and schedule the work. Thanks to our streamlined contracting and invoicing processes, credit-based projects are often fast-tracked.


Our Professionally Evil Test Credits are versatile, suitable for any effort-based engagement we offer. Here are a few examples of how customers have utilized credits:



Amplify Efficiency: Professionally Evil Test Credits

Professionally Evil Test Credits provide exceptional value and flexibility. Access a wide range of services while enjoying significant savings and transparent scoping. With our credits, you only pay for the completed work—if a job is estimated at 17 credits but only takes 12, you're charged for 12 only.


Here are the key advantages of choosing Professionally Evil Test Credits:

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Streamlined Procurement Process

Simplify your procurement and contracting with our credit system, allowing for a smoother transition from planning to execution.
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Priority Scheduling of Projects

At Secure Ideas, we understand that finding the right time to start a project is crucial. That's why we prioritize scheduling projects around flexible timelines and budgets that fit your needs. We carefully evaluate project details such as deadlines, milestones, resources, technologies and other factors to create an achievable schedule that will help to bring our clients' ideas to life in the best possible way.
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Built-in Advisory Service

As a PETaaS customer, you'll automatically have access to our comprehensive advisory service, providing expert guidance before, during, and after engagements.
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Exclusive Discount Pricing

Enjoy exclusive discounts with our credit system, making your cybersecurity investments go even further.

Our Discounts

Credits Pricing

Our Professionally Evil Test Credits are available for purchase at a cost of $2,400 each, with each credit equating to approximately one (1) day of effort. By purchasing these credits, you are effectively securing our expert services at nearly 8% off our standard daily consulting rate, even before applying our attractive volume discount. Credits can be purchased up-front or spread out over quarterly payments, offering further flexibility.


A detailed explanation of the volume discounts can be found in the Credit Guide in our Knowledge Center.

Volume Discounts for Extra Savings

Start your cybersecurity journey by purchasing a minimum of 20 credits to access our Professionally Evil Testing as a Service. Need more? You can add more credits in any whole number increment, just remember they expire after 2 years. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Each Professionally Evil Test Credit represents roughly a day's worth of testing effort, designed to align seamlessly with your organization's processes. For more details on volume discounts, refer to the Credit Guide in our Knowledge Center. As an added bonus, as a PETaaS customer, you'll enjoy VIP access to our built-in advisory service, ensuring a smooth and efficient cybersecurity journey.

Please refer to our discount tiers table for more information:

Credits Discount Tiers
Discount Credits
5% 30-49 Credits
10% 50-89 Credits
15% 90+ Credits

The Fine Print (FAQ)

When do credits expire?

Credits expire two (2) years from the date of purchase.

What can I do if my credits are about to expire?
Do credits accumulate into discount tiers?
Can credits be partitioned into fractions, such as hours?

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