12 April, 2024

Buckle Up: Ride Along with the Professionally Evil Experts

Buckle Up: Ride Along with the Professionally Evil Experts
Andrew Kates
Author: Andrew Kates

A ride along penetration test is a collaborative cybersecurity assessment where our penetration testers integrate with our client's internal security team, working side-by-side, either virtually or in-person. This approach contrasts with traditional penetration tests that are conducted independently, offering a more immersive and interactive experience that focuses on real-time skill and knowledge transfer.  Ride along penetration tests represent a unique approach to cybersecurity assessments.  

The essence of a “ride along” is knowledge and skill transfer through interactive and engaged alliance.  By embedding our penetration testers within the client's internal security team, teams experience a greater level of knowledge sharing and skill transfer than when testing is performed independently.  The end result is a client's internal team improving their cybersecurity practices, testing techniques, and methodologies.

The goal of a ride along is to ensure a comprehensive evaluation of the client's security posture while leveraging the expertise of our consultants.  Benefits to the ride along approach include:

ride along testing graphic (3)

By working closely with the client's security team, our consultants gain real-time insights into the organization's infrastructure, processes, and potential vulnerabilities.  This type of collaborative effort also helps us understand the nuances of the client’s environment, and the specific security challenges they face,  which allows for a more accurate assessment and targeted remediation efforts.  

Whether a client seeks traditional penetration testing or more interactive ride along testing, our consultants offer rare expertise and experience.  As trusted advisors, we collaborate closely with clients to deliver actionable insights and recommendations that drive meaningful improvements in their security posture.  With a keen focus on long-term partnerships built on mutual respect, we consistently deliver services of exceptional value.  We look forward to discussing which penetration testing options best serve your unique needs.

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