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A wireless penetration test is intended as a cooperative assessment which revolves around a holistic approach to your existing Wi-Fi implementation.  Wireless penetration tests typically include three main components; a configuration assessment, authenticated access, and an external assessment from an unauthenticated perspective.  This provides a comprehensive overview of your wireless network and can be tailored to suit your organizational needs.

Wireless testing can be done either on-site or remotely, and is most often used to evaluate the effectiveness of the existing wireless design and configuration policies.  Traditionally organizations would need to have a consultant on-site, but Secure Ideas has a process for conducting wireless tests remotely using our SIAM devices which reduces the overall cost and speeds up the turnaround and effectiveness of testing.

Many times, Wireless Testing is also performed in conjunction with internal network penetration tests.


Peace of Mind

With increasing cyber threats, having Wireless Penetration Testing as part of your security & infrastructure practices is the best way to ensure the safety and integrity of your technology investments. 

Wireless Testing Types

Wireless penetration testing is an effective way to ensure networks are secured and protected from malicious attacks.  By leveraging your wireless security personnel, a collaborative process is used to assess the overall security of your Wi-Fi configuration and to answer any implementation considerations that arise.  To ensure the most secure wireless network possible, our team conducts the following types of test:


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Cooperative Configuration Assessment

Our team of experienced professionals will start by getting a configuration export of each wireless network, giving us an in-depth look into how your system is set up.  With this complete picture in place, we can then review the settings for any signs of misconfiguration, identifying areas for improvement and validating that the systems are working properly.  Additionally, our process involves answering implementation considerations that may arise during this assessment so you can quickly address issues before they become a problem.
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Authenticated Access

Authenticated Access

The authenticated portion of the assessment is designed to assess authentication and authorization controls. Each provided user identity is validated against a set of predefined criteria such as username or password checks before allowing them to access the network.  Furthermore, our consultants verify that the implemented segmentation rules and security controls are effective in maintaining a safe environment by only allowing authenticated users access to specific parts of the network.
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External Assessment

An unauthenticated external assessment is done to determine if an attacker can enumerate nearby access points, capture a valid authentication handshake, and then brute-force the pre-shared wireless key using widely-accessible dictionaries.  This type of testing involves simulating an attack on a system or network using tools, techniques, and tactics employed by malicious adversaries.
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Wireless penetration testing is scoped by overall effort.  The final estimate can usually be refined with a short scoping call and is often customized to fit a client's specific needs.  The following table provides a starting point for what to expect.

Type Description Price-range
Essentials (only configs/testing) 1 Wireless network (SSID), or up to 100 users connected $7,800
Small Wireless Testing 1 Wireless network (SSID), or up to 100 users connected (included 1 day Arch Review) $15,600
Medium Wireless Testing Up to 2 Wireless networks (SSID), with up to 300 users connected (included 1 day Arch Review) $20,800
Large Wireless Testing Up to 3 Wireless networks (SSID), with up to 500 users connected (included 2-3 day Arch Review) $33,800

The Process

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