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    The Client-Side Security Trap: A Warning For Developers
    Considering the inherent complexities of modern web development, understanding the distinct roles of client-side and server-side functionalities is essential. The notion that client-side security controls can provide comprehensive protection without the support of server-side measures is ...
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    Quick Bites Episode 11 – Ranking Application Risks
    application security  |  hacking  |  pentesting  |  Quick Bites  |  risk assessment  |  appsec  |  application risk  |  ranking risk
    Threats often evolve faster than defenders can figure out how to prevent them. That’s why keeping ...
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    What does PCI require for Developer Training?
    Training  |  PCI  |  developers  |  application security  |  appsec
    The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) defines compliance standards for all ...
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    Mission Imfuzzable: How to Fuzz Web Apps you can't Intercept
    Introduction Fuzzing is a critical technique for finding vulnerabilities in web applications by ...
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    Understanding Server-Side Template Injection (SSTI)
    Web applications play a vital role in delivering dynamic content to users. To achieve this, ...
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    Introducing SamuraiWTF 5.3: A Powerhouse for Web App Pen Testing
    Testing  |  Training  |  samuraiWTF  |  web penetration testing  |  application security  |  professionally evil  |  Secure Ideas  |  hacking  |  OWASP  |  Project
    We are thrilled to announce the release of SamuraiWTF (Web Training Framework) version 5.3! This ...
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    12 Days of ZAPmas - Day 12 Testing a new Content-Security-Policy
    What is the CSP? The Content-Security-Policy (CSP) is a widely recommended control and is ...
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    Twelve Days of ZAPmas - Day 9 - Automated Scanning and ATTACK mode
    application security  |  OWASP  |  automation  |  scanning
    Automated scanning against an application is useful. It’s a faster and less labor-intensive way to ...
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    Twelve Days of ZAPmas - Day 7 - API Testing with Postman and ZAP
    application security  |  OWASP  |  API
    If you’ve done any significant amount of API development, there’s a good chance you’ve used ...
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    Twelve Days of ZAPMAS - Day 6 - Passive Flaw Detection and Using the HUD
    One of the awesome things about a security-focused interception proxy like ZAP is its ability to ...
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    Twelve Days of ZAPmas - Day 5 - Scope and Contexts
    Normally I don’t like having my interception proxy hide out-of-scope traffic. Doing so creates a ...
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    Twelve Days of ZAPmas - Day 4 - Fuzzing for Injection
    I briefly introduced fuzzing earlier in the series, citing it as the second primitive upon which ...
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