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    What is a Gray Box Penetration Test?
    The terms black box, white box, or gray-box are used to classify a type of penetration test in the ...
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    Gray Box vs White Box vs Black Box
    Every penetration test emulates an adversary to assess the security controls of the target systems. ...
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    Penetration Test FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
    Testing  |  FAQ
    If you are new to the business of conducting penetration tests, then you may have a lot of ...
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    Can you hack someone for me?
    We often receive emails or DM’s about someone getting stalked or someone who needs help to hack ...
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    Can We See a Sample Attestation Letter?
    Of course! Click the button below to download a sample attestation letter: 
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    How is my data protected during and after penetration testing?
    When you hire a penetration testing company, you are essentially inviting professional hackers to ...
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    Should penetration tests be conducted outside business hours?
    Penetration testing comes with a degree of inherent risk, which may prompt the question of whether ...
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    What is IP whitelisting?
    There are several things to consider when preparing for a penetration test.  This includes learning ...
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    How to Prepare for an API Pentest?
    API tests are straightforward. For those types of tests you're examining a backend service without ...
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    How Often Should Vulnerability Assessments Run?
    Industry standard advises organizations to scan their internal and external systems at least ...
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    Do you offer regular vulnerability assessments?
    Secure Ideas offers a couple of options for both large and small networks. This is performed ...
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    Where do I start with security testing?
    Here at Secure Ideas, organizations are often coming to us as they realize that their security ...
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