How Soon Can We Schedule a Test?

How Soon Can We Schedule a Test?
Andrew Kates
Author: Andrew Kates

The short and sweet answer is that once a contract has been executed by both parties, and all agreements are in place, we can generally schedule your test 2-4 weeks out. 

However, a great deal goes into these projects before they can be scheduled, and even more so to ensure commencement is not delayed.  Over the years we’ve been asked numerous times how soon a test can be scheduled, and while this will vary depending on a number of factors (for example, projects utilizing prepaid credits oftentimes operate on an accelerated timetable), we’re hoping this article provides greater insight into this question, as well as what can be done to ensure your organization’s timeline is met.

The Five P’s 

Proper Planning Prevents Postponed Projects! 

Striving to offer the best possible pen test experience dictates we make every effort to be flexible in accommodating our client’s schedules.  However, even the professionally evil team can’t work miracles.   And this is where exceptional communication comes into play.  It is one thing to schedule a test, but it is an entirely different undertaking to keep it on track.  Once your test dates have been set, there are a variety of activities that must be completed to pave the way for a successful outcome. 

  • Introduction with lead consultants
  • Formal kickoff meeting
  • Appoint dedicated POC’s and provide emergency contact information
  • Establish account access to Secure Ideas’ portal
  • Outline and gather all necessary information for testing
  • Validate information provided and requisite access has been granted
  • Confirm method(s) of communication and schedule status updates

The reality of scheduling a test comes down to having a signed contract.  Simply put, we are unable to schedule any work until all necessary paperwork has been completed and submitted.  Once that requirement has been met, we will schedule your test as soon as possible based on consultant availability and your desired time frame.  The quicker we’re able to meet with your team to define the needs and scope of your test, the quicker we’re able to provide a formal statement of work to review, which will by and large expedite the project timeline.    

Don’t Roll the Dice When It Comes to Your Testing Needs.  Don’t Become a Cautionary Tale 

More times than we care to recall, clients have come to us at the eleventh hour needing a pen test or security assessment performed.  Whether due to compliance demands, end of fiscal year requirements, or a host of other reasons, this is something we encounter every year without exception.  Even if you don’t need your test performed for a few months, it will benefit your organization to engage your trusted vendor and begin the process now.  This will ensure as many unforeseen obstacles as possible can be avoided, and you’re not scrambling to find a vendor with sufficient resource availability.    

Have a test you need scheduled? 

If you are currently looking to schedule a project or merely have a few questions you’d like answered, please connect with us, and we’ll be happy to work with your team to make that happen.  As always, our professionally evil experts look forward to the opportunity to serve you!  

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