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Welcome to the Professionally Evil Insights blog by Secure Ideas! In this digital playground, we unravel the complex world of information security with a touch of fun. Our expert-led content ranges from deep-dives into penetration testing to explorations of hardware hacking. Whether you're curious about Secure Ideas or passionate about cybersecurity, this blog is your quick, enlightening, and entertaining guide into the captivating world of information security.

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    Introducing BILE - Groundbreaking Classification for Web App
    As a seasoned web application penetration tester, I've always felt that there should be a more straightforward way to classify web application vulnerabilities according to testing activities. This became even more apparent to me when I started to maintain our Professionally Evil Application ...
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    Introducing PETaaS: Professionally Evil Testing as a Service
    We're thrilled to announce the launch of our latest offering: Professionally Evil Testing as a ...
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    Ace CISSP Exam Prep with ChatGPT: Your AI Study Buddy
    Are you preparing for the CISSP exam or any other exam that requires a deep understanding of ...
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    Why we ditched LastPass
    LastPass is a very popular password management service with both personal and business solutions. ...
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    Hunting Secrets
    Applications are hemorrhaging sensitive data. In many cases, the culprit is marketing and analytics ...
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    Why your application needs a Content Security Policy (And How to Build One)
    As a web application owner, it is crucial to understand the concept of a content security policy ...
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    Announcing Burp Co2!
    This is for those of you who do web pen testing with Portswigger’s Burp proxy tool! Over the past ...
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    How to configure Android (Virtual) for Mobile PenTest
    Setting up your environment for a mobile application penetration test can be a chore, especially if ...
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    Cooking up Better Security Incident Communications
    I am fond of meal kits. I enjoy the entire experience: the scrolling through delicious-looking meal ...
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    Once upon a time there was a WebSocket
    This is the story from one of our recent penetration testing engagements. Still, the story is a ...
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    Security Review of Nest Camera
    I love tinkering with home automation and security solutions. The simplicity of turning on a light ...
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    Equifax Breach: Why I am not surprised
    The Equifax breach, announced in September 2017, is said to potentially impact some 143 million ...
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