Introducing PETaaS: Professionally Evil Testing as a Service

Introducing PETaaS: Professionally Evil Testing as a Service
Jason Gillam
Author: Jason Gillam

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our latest offering: Professionally Evil Testing as a Service, or PETaaS for short. We've spent the past three and a half years developing a unique spin on penetration testing as a service that's faster, more efficient, and more effective than anything else on the market.

PETaaS is designed to be a complete solution for your organization's penetration testing needs. Our core features include ongoing advisory services, project management, and real-time communication during penetration tests, all of which are included in our service.

Real-time communication is critical during penetration tests, which is why we've built it into our service. We offer real-time communication through a variety of channels, including email, Slack, Google Meet, or the online meeting platform of choice. This ensures that we can stay in touch with you in a way that fits how your team communicates.

An important aspect of our real-time communication is that we notify you immediately of any critical findings or indicators of compromise (IoCs). We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to cybersecurity threats, and we want to make sure you're informed as quickly as possible so you can take action.

Our team of experts is available throughout the year to offer cybersecurity advice and guidance. We understand that organizations and their risks are constantly evolving, and we're here to help you stay ahead of the curve. Our experts can also provide guidance on best practices and offer insight into the latest cybersecurity trends.

Project management is another core aspect of PETaaS. We'll work closely with you to ensure your penetration testing project stays on track, from start to finish. This includes setting clear goals and timelines, identifying potential roadblocks, and providing regular updates on progress.

PETaaS is ideal for a range of use cases, including continuous penetration testing, testing within the SDLC, and providing an extension to existing teams that are overwhelmed. With PETaaS, you can rest assured that your organization is always secure and protected from the latest cyber threats.

One of the things that sets PETaaS apart is that we perform real penetration tests, with real penetration testers. This isn't just a vulnerability scan, and we use highly qualified professionals who are trained to think and act like real attackers. We call ourselves "professionally evil" for a reason!

Get in touch today to learn more about how PETaaS can help you secure your organization. We can't wait to hear from you!

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