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Welcome to the Professionally Evil Insights blog by Secure Ideas! In this digital playground, we unravel the complex world of information security with a touch of fun. Our expert-led content ranges from deep-dives into penetration testing to explorations of hardware hacking. Whether you're curious about Secure Ideas or passionate about cybersecurity, this blog is your quick, enlightening, and entertaining guide into the captivating world of information security.

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    Webcast: Thrift Store Cracking Server: Popping Hashes Guide
    (image was generated by Stable Diffusion, and is not an accurate representation of our cracking server 🙃) In the realm of penetration testing, the inevitable task of collecting and cracking password hashes arises. Whether conducting web application testing, uncovering symmetric secrets for JSON ...
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    Navigating Evolving Regulations: Staying Ahead of Change
    In today's rapidly expanding business world, the only constant seems to be change itself. One of ...
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    Ethics of Ethical Hacking
    Ethical hacking uses the principles and techniques of hackers to help businesses protect their ...
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    Current State of Security in Healthcare
    Healthcare organizations are a prime target for many malicious individuals and organizations in the ...
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    Security Concerns around Remote Employees
    In the cloud-based economy, businesses of every size are hiring remote employees. Remote employees ...
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    Ransomware and Scareware Pop-ups
    Every computer owner has had the heart-stopping moment where a popup comes up and says that your ...
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    Ransomware Intelligence Briefing
    Ransomware Intelligence Briefing Media reporting on the WannaCry ransomware campaign has contained ...
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    Place Your Right Hand On This Glass
    One of the hassles of the Yahoo! breach was clearly the coming-home-to-roost quality of the ...
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    You Must Be This Tall
    Imagine going in to do an incident response at a fairly large customer that has no visibility ...
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    Statement by Nick Selby on Bishop Fox / Muddy Waters Report
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Statement by Secure Ideas Response Team Director Nick Selby on the Report ...
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    SQLMap Beginnings: What and How
    Testing web based applications is not only fun but is often multi-faceted and challenging. Often ...
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    Reversing Type 7 Cisco Passwords
    While working on a recent pen test, I came across a few Cisco routers sitting on an internal ...
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