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    Using a Throwing Star to Capture Packets
    Mobile applications are a hot commodity these days. It seems like everyone and their brother/sister ...
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    Brute Forcing the Change Password Feature
    As a penetration tester, brute force attacks are something I test for on every application. ...
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    Who are We: James Jardine
    To continue on with the series of “who we are” here at secure ideas, here is the second profile ...
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    Mobile Security: Upcoming Events
    Mobile security is a very hot topic and there are some pretty cool events just around the corner. ...
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    GSA Database May Have Leaked Information: Kevin Johnson was Interviewed
    Recently it was announced that there was a security flaw found in one of the GSA systems that could ...
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    Podcast Show Notes: Why are Passwords so Difficult
    Kevin and James just finished up recording episode 2 of the Professionally Evil Perspective ...
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    The Watering Hole: Is it Safe to Drink?
    How many times have you been told you have a vulnerability that you just don’t understand its ...
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    Admin Consoles, Default Creds, and Sweet Pwnage
    When performing internal network penetration tests, one thing that really gets us excited is ...
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    Ninja Developers Webcast Trilogy Overview
    Over the past three months, James Jardine and Kevin Johnson were featured in a webcast trilogy ...
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    Decoding F5 Cookie
    As a Penetration Tester, there are many different things you come across while performing a test. ...
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    Grab a CORS Light
    Many of you already know that any cross-site HTTP requests invoked from scripts running within a ...
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