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    Purple Teaming for Success
    You know what blue teams and red teams are. Red is our attack side, or the adversaries, and Blue is ...
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    Heartbleed: Complete Heart Surgery
    If you haven’t seen it in the news, you must not have any technology close by. That is right.. ...
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    Windows XP: Eol, What you need to know
    Last week Windows XP finally reached its end of life. The operating system was released back in ...
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    Auto-Updating Devices: How to Test?
    Everyday we see new technology and devices in our everyday lives that are connected to the ...
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    Oversharing: Who Has Access?
    What types of information do you copy to a shared folder? Who has access to the share? This can be ...
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    Breaking in to Security
    Some of the roles within security are all about breaking in to systems, but what about just ...
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    Professionally Evil Training: Tactical Burp Suite Webinar 2014
    Tactical Burp Suite Webinar Secure Ideas is excited to announce its latest upcoming online ...
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    What do you mean my password is not secure?
    Almost all of the applications we use have one big thing in common: they all use a username and ...
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    Webcast: Vulnerabilities in Your Medical Practice: Security Testing for Healthcare
    Later this month I will be presenting a free webcast: “Vulnerabilities in Your Medical Practice: ...
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    Its more than Lets fix the problem
    There has been a lot of buzz around the website and the possible security ...
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    Password Sharing Across Accounts
    Over the past few years we have seen a large number of databases get compromised leading to the ...
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