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    Patching binaries with Backdoor Factory
    When was the last time you downloaded a binary file from the Internet or grabbed one off of a ...
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    Installing Splunk: First stop on the road to log analysis
    First thing’s first: What is Splunk and why do I want or need it? The short is answer is Splunk is ...
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    Beware of Holiday Scams
    It is that time of year and we need to be ready for the fraudsters to be out in full effect. The ...
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    SQLite: the good, the bad, the embedded database
    SQLite is an embedded, open-source, lightweight SQL database engine. The C based library is ...
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    Thumb Drives.. Can you tell the difference?
    During a physical penetration test, it is not uncommon for the tester (attacker) to drop usb thumb ...
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    Egress Filtering: Are you authorized to leave?
    One of the first concerns with protecting a network is stopping outsiders from being able to enter ...
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    Logging Like a Lumber Jack
    Turn on any news outlet or visit any news site and you will most likely see an announcement of yet ...
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    Policy Gap Analysis: Filling the Gaps
    In today’s world, something never seems to be true unless it is written down, and even then it is a ...
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    New Data Security Breach Laws in Florida
    Since many organizations are collecting what many would consider personal, non-public, information, ...
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    What Do You Expect From A PenTest?
    There are many reasons that a company has a penetration test performed. Maybe it is due to ...
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    Ebay Falls Victim to Breach: Source Forge Updates Password Storage
    It was just recently announced that eBay suffered a breach that led to the compromise of user ...
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