19 June, 2018

Ethics of Ethical Hacking

Ethics of Ethical Hacking
Secure Ideas
Author: Secure Ideas

Ethical hacking uses the principles and techniques of hackers to help businesses protect their infrastructure and information (You could also say it is used as an offensive part of a modern army’s arsenal, but that is not what we do). Many people wonder about our trademark tagline: “Professionally Evil,” and we would like to discuss the benefits and ethics of our ethical hacking.

Yes, Secure Ideas makes a business of attempting to hack business’s secure networks. This is called penetration testing, and it is a crucial part of any security plan. Our ethical hacking protects the defenseless customers who trust their information to businesses daily, helps businesses find and fix their security vulnerabilities and ensures a more secure IT world.

Protecting the Defenseless

In the world of information security, the defenseless people are business customers and website users who get targeted by thieves and hackers through no fault of their own. Secure Idea’s ethical hacking works to protect your customers by identifying and rectifying security vulnerabilities before the business loses the customer’s information to unethical hackers.

Part of our protecting the defenseless is to go above and beyond the scant security requirements required by law. Per our customers requests, we do honesty and criminal background check to age of 18 on all our employees, and we carry general, professional, and cyber liability insurance to ensure our customer’s information is safe when we perform penetration testing.

While both criminals and ethical hackers use the same skill sets to exploit your infrastructure, one does it to exploit your customers, employees, or finances, and the other does it to protect the same. Who do you want on your site?

Finding and Fixing Vulnerabilities

We find vulnerabilities through a group of talented and professional nerds who love computers, love coding, love Star Wars, and love finding that loophole in your security systems. Whether it is computer code, your building, or work processes, we test them all. Yes, we do this ethically and our team members are all upstanding citizens and we have our own security processes in place. But, it is necessary to test your security system against the best that we can gather, so that the best that malicious agents can gather will not prevail against your organization.

After we test the security of your systems and processes, we help you fix the vulnerabilities we discovered so that nefarious nebulous nerds will not be exploit those vulnerabilities in the future.

Ensuring a More Secure World

Each organization that employs ethical hackers ensures that their infrastructure, information, and customers are less likely to be hacked. Although there are no guarantees in this world, ethical hackers endeavor to provide the best processes and the most comprehensive review of your business so that your information is more secure. As the number of businesses who use ethical hacking for security increase, the general state of security in our world will increase as well.

If your business has never had a penetration test performed, please request one today.

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