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    ZAPmas Feedback
    Sometimes Christmas comes early, and in this case for me it was the publication of the Twelve Days of ZAPmas blog posts by Mic Whitehorn-Gillam. If you have not read them yet then please do - they are a great introduction to ZAP and provide what I think is a very fair and balanced comparison to ...
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    Digging Between the Couch Cushions - CouchDB CVE-2021-38295 Breakdown
    Introduction In this blog post we’re going to take a look at the recent CouchDB vulnerability, ...
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    How I Became a Security Consultant: AbsoluteAppsec Interview
    Every so often, podcasts and such will invite me to speak on a variety of topics. And this week, I ...
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    SamuraiWTF 2.0? What happened to 1.0?
    security  |  2.0  |  open source  |  testers  |  releases  |  web penetration testing
    So the SamuraiWTF project have released the first few release candidates for the formal 2.0 ...
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