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    Uncharted Waters: Network Depths with runZero & OPNsense
    (artwork created by stable diffusion) Quick series Intro In this “Uncharted Waters” series, I’m exploring topics from a beginners/intermediate point of view with different topics (i.e. homelabs, automation, security, etc.). While these topics can be dense or advanced, I’ll give enough information ...
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    Webcast: Navigating Cloud Security​
    AWS  |  cloud  |  Azure  |  GCP
    In today's fast-paced digital landscape, organizations embrace the cloud as a cornerstone of their ...
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    JuiceShop Workshop in less than 5 minutes
    Training  |  application security  |  OWASP  |  AWS  |  IaC  |  JuiceShop  |  Containers  |  AWS_ECS  |  workshops  |  Vagrant  |  AWS-CDK
    Have you ever deployed 10-30 containers in AWS with the single stroke of a key? (well if you don’t ...
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    Ensuring Web Security via Ansible (Apache)
    NOTE: even though this will require Ansible, you can run this on any operating system contrary to ...
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    How to configure BurpelFish
    I recently was doing a pentest and was continuously looking up translations for words, and thought ...
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    Bash Tips and Tricks
    I know I definitely identify with being a visual learner, and I am happy to help where I can with ...
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    Automating Red Team Homelabs: Part 2 – Build, Pentest, Destroy, and Repeat
    pentesting  |  automation  |  API  |  dev ops  |  home lab
    As of 2019-05-14 the Funny Stories section has been updated. Now that we understand what the goal ...
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    Automating Red Team Homelabs: Part 1 - Kali Automation
    Part 2: /2019/05/automating-red-team-homelabs-part-2-build-pentest-destroy-and-repeat.html Homelab ...
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