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    How to iterate through advfirewall rules
        There are several ways to pull firewall information from a Windows system.  Today we will leverage Powershell to quickly find and review the different Remote Desktop rules that are in place. This use case revolves around Remote Desktop being our key search term, but this filter can be adjusted ...
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    Working With Data: IP and Port Filtering
    Training  |  professionally evil  |  Secure Ideas  |  technology tips and tricks  |  sysadmin  |  data  |  data manipulation  |  excel  |  spreadsheet  |  filtering
      During our day-to-day work, there’s a lot of data that we interact with.  In order to make good ...
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    View Wireless Profile Password Information Using PowerShell or CMD
    Training  |  professionally evil  |  Secure Ideas  |  hacking  |  Windows  |  Windows 10  |  Windows 11  |  sysadmin  |  system administration  |  cmd  |  wireless  |  wifi  |  wifi password  |  powershell  |  wireless profile
      There are a couple different ways for you to access your Windows wireless password information.  ...
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    How to allow multiple RDP sessions
      The goal of this article is to walk through how to set up a Windows host to allow multiple remote ...
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