Wireless Penetration Test

Secure Ideas will perform an internal network penetration test of the wireless infrastructure.  The primary goal of this testing is to determine if an attacker or malicious user can obtain unauthorized access to the internal network through the wireless infrastructure.  Secure Ideas will evaluate the ability for an external attacker or a malicious insider to obtain physical or logical network access to the wireless access points, controllers, or routers, and determine the ability of the attacker to obtain unauthorized access to the administration console or network.  

The wireless infrastructure will be assessed based on configuration of the systems and identify vulnerabilities inherent with the product(s) used, or in the configuration settings that can be exploited by an attacker.  During the testing, Secure Ideas will be provided at least one set of credentials and connections to the internal wireless network to perform testing as a malicious insider, or from an account using compromised credentials (e.g. weak password).


  • Assessment and exploitation of the wireless network, including wireless access points, routers, switches, access control systems, wireless management systems, and wireless security control devices, to identify weaknesses that could lead to unauthorized access
  • Recommend remediation and security controls to improve the security of the wireless infrastructure