Tabletop Exercises

Cyber tabletop exercises are a great way to evaluate how various roles within your organization respond to cyber incidents, and what responsibilities individuals and teams have during a crisis or emergency that requires swift and decisive action to be taken.  
The intent of a tabletop exercise is to dissect your organizational approach, and determine all prospects when faced with an external threat.  We will help unveil any gaps in your Incident Response program so you can make better informed decisions to expand and mature your incident response plan of action.   

  • Take part in and employ critical thinking capabilities during a hands-on exercise
  • Learn how to work together with various departments of your organization to better inform decision making
  • Assess the possible impacts of a cyber threat or attack
  • Identify areas of improvement for incident response best practices
  • Evaluate and clarify the different roles and responsibilities of individuals and teams within an organization

Hackathon / Ridealong

In order to supplement the strong IT practices followed today, clients can engage Secure Ideas for a two-day course for their staff aimed at various aspects of security.  Secure Ideas can assist clients by teaching students the best methods for general security practices, penetration testing, application and system flaws, and the best ways to resolve them.  Secure Ideas does this by spending two days showing students various attacks and security tests against client systems, as well as pre-built vulnerable systems and applications.  This training will focus on understanding exploitation and what IT staff should see when these attacks happen.

Key Takeaways:
  • Secure Ideas will mentor the attendees onsite
  • Mentoring will guide attendees through understanding the various vulnerabilities
  • HackaThon will work with live targets within the client network and simulated ones provided by Secure Ideas