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    From Linux to PowerShell and Back: A Quick Command Reference
    Quick Overview If you are like me, you are switching back and forth between Linux and Windows systems while you are on a pentest. Even if you don’t use Kali, Linux is by far one of the most popular systems for pentesting as it offers a wide range of tools out there that run on it. Using Linux works ...
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    Backups Won't Stop Ransomware
    Ransomware attacks can have devastating consequences for organizations of all sizes and sectors, ...
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    Beyond Hacking: Expanding Your Security Arsenal
    Understanding the Need for Penetration Testing You’ve been told you need a penetration test. Maybe ...
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    The Other Replicating Directory Changes
    Quick Summary The Replicating Directory Changes right in Active Directory allows you to request ...
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    The Best Way to Capture Traffic in 2021
    There are times when you need to capture some network traffic. Maybe you’re troubleshooting a ...
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    Computers are People Too
    There are those rare times during pen tests, when you are on a client’s network and you don’t have ...
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    Android App Testing on Chromebooks
    Update: As of March 2021, I’d recommend using Android Virtual Devices over Chromebooks. Chromebooks ...
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    Watching yOUr Permissions
    Often, one of the main goals of a pen tester is to get Domain Admin (DA) rights in a client’s ...
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    Ever Run a Relay? Why SMB Relays Should Be On Your Mind
    Time is never on your side when you’re onsite with a client and trying to get the first good ...
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