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The Other Replicating Directory Changes

What is the difference between Replicating Directory Changes, Replicating Changes in Filtered Set, and Replicating Directory Changes - All?

The Best Way to Capture Traffic in 2021

How can we do analysis without Wireshark? For Linux and macOS that utility has been tcpdump for quite a while; In Windows, we can use netsh.


Computers are People Too

There are those rare times during pen tests, when you are on a client’s network and you don’t have any valid domain credentials but you do have local...

Android App Testing on Chromebooks

Update: As of March 2021, I’d recommend using Android Virtual Devices over Chromebooks.  Chromebooks still work (in many cases) but the AVDs are much...

Watching yOUr Permissions

Often, one of the main goals of a pen tester is to get Domain Admin (DA) rights in a client’s Windows network.  But why do we want to get that level...