Is Your Data Secure?

Our Scout products are designed to give you peace of mind when it comes to your security. Each Scout subscription uses automation backed up with human verification to provide accurate, and detailed findings and recommendations for your business.

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Does your business manage thousands of public websites?

If yours does, you should consider SWAT, Scalable Web Application Triage. SWAT is a scout service we have built to monitor tens of thousands of web applications for security concerns and prioritize applications for further testing. SWAT is highly scalable, automated, and API driven, so it can be integrated with your existing workflow. Please reach out to discover how SWAT may be a cost-effective security solution for your sprawling web footprint.

Network Scout

How many devices are part of your business' internal network? How many are attached externally?

If your business has more than five employees, and you cannot answer these questions, you will benefit from Network Scout. Network Scout is a scout service we have built to assess both your internal and external networks for configuration concerns and security issues. Please reach out to discover how your business may benefit from Network Scout.

Web Scout

How well do your business' web applications stand up to present-day attacks?

Applications need regular updates to stay functional and secure. Web Scout is designed to assess and identify flaws in your web applications and the risks they may expose within your business. Please reach out to discover how Web Scout will protect your business by keeping your web applications secure.

User Scout

Does your organization grant employees access to secure hardware or administrative access to critical software?

If so, they, and by direct extension, your business, are at risk for phishing and social engineering attacks. User Scout will test to see how your employees respond to these attacks. Please reach out to discover how User Scout can help you prepare for and prevent an attack that targets the weakest link.