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This service is designed for organizations who have seen significant change in their remote access technologies over recent years that have out-paced regular audit/assessment cycles.  Quick changes are often necessary to address evolving business requirements, but it is critical to understand the risk those changes introduce.  In order to identify any unexpected vulnerabilities or weaknesses in the remote access environment, organizations can utilize Secure Ideas to manually review those specific systems.  


Remote Workforce

This service also caters to organizations who heavily depend on remote access for employees or to service clients.  When remote access technologies represent a significant component of your business model, a manual assessment of those systems provides the peace of mind to know that your systems are safe.

Remote Access Testing

RemoteAccessScout offers rapid vulnerability assessments of your remote access infrastructure and systems and is designed to quickly identify problems before attackers find them.

As much of the workforce has moved from offices and buildings to working from home in recent years, security assessments of remote access systems is critical.  This need is increased by the rapid deployment of many of these systems during the global pandemic.  To assist organizations in assessing their remote access risk, Secure Ideas offers Remote Access Scout.  This service is a one-time vulnerability assessment backed by our security consultant experience.

This assessment is evaluated by our consultants and within 2 (two) business days of the request a report is available to the client. This rapid vulnerability assessment assists our clients in understanding and evaluating the risks before an attacker can.


RemoteAccessScout include access systems, such as: 

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VPN Servers

RemoteAccessScout ensures your digital data is secure with the latest encryption technology, allowing you to safely access public networks and stay secure online.  Preventing unauthorized access onto your networks, this sophisticated platform allows you to create access rules and policies for all of your devices.
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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Using a combination of advanced security and monitoring technologies, RemoteAccessScout ensures the safety of your data while also providing enhanced visibility into who, when and where users are accessing your virtual desktops.  Our security framework allows you to control user activity and ensure that only authorized personnel have access in order to prevent malicious activity on your network. 
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Phone Systems

Security threats can come from anywhere, so RemoteAccessScout’s innovative technology sets up a barrier between your phone communication system and any potential invader. Equipped with state-of-the-art encryption technology, our security solutions are designed to proactively detect anomalous matters immediately while preventing data theft or leakage.
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Webmail Portals

Keep your webmail portals secure with Secure Ideas. RemoteAccessScout is a comprehensive security service that helps protect against malicious actors and other online threats and ensure all users have access to a secure environment where their information is safe from unwanted intrusion.  With support for multiple mail systems, our solution is powerful and easy to setup so you can quickly start increasing the security of your webmail portals. 

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Remote Access Systems

RemoteAccessScout offers cutting-edge security for remote access systems. With our product, you can be sure that your data remains secure at all times. As a best-in-class security solution, RemoteAccessScout provides top of the line protection and privacy for your sensitive information. 
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Secure Ideas consultants will work with you to discuss and identify all remote access technologies that you have deployed.  This conversation will result in a list of systems and services that will be assessed. 

*This service is free for approved non-profit charities.

Frequency Price-range
One-time assessment $1,000

The Process

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