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    Introduction to Laudanum
    As a security consultant, there are so many scenarios that I run into every day that there is no ...
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    WinPhone 7: Fiddler Setup
    One of the many tasks on any penetration tester’s to-do list is to set up a web proxy for debugging ...
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    Finding the Leaks
    One of the common vulnerabilities we find when performing internal network penetration testing is ...
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    Spear Phishing: "You guys are Shady!"
    This post is part of our Professionally Evil series of posts that discuss some of the experiences ...
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    Installing RatProxy on Windows - Video Uploaded
    A few months ago I did the original Installing RatProxy on Windows blog post that describes both ...
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    Grey Box Penetration Testing
    A common question I get from potential clients is “what is grey box testing and why do we need it?” ...
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    SH5ARK: Taking a Byte out of HTML5
    The new features in HTML5 have opened a whole new world of opportunities for developers and for ...
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    How To: Encrypting Mac Mail
    As a security consultant, frequently traveling, it is critical to implement security controls to ...
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    Ninja Developer Talk at Louisville Metro Infosec Conference
    I recently attended, and spoke, at the Louisville Metro Infosec Conference ...
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    DerbyCon Wrap Up
    Its a wrap! DerbyCon has ended for the Secure Ideas crew and we are all headed home. While a few ...
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    ViewState XSS: What's the Deal?
    Testing  |  developers  |  QA  |  security  |  testers  |  web penetration testing
    As penetration testers, there are many different technologies that we have to be familiar with. The ...
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