30 September, 2021

Can you hack someone for me?

Can you hack someone for me?
Abby Gillam
Author: Abby Gillam

We often receive emails or DM’s about someone getting stalked or someone who needs help to hack someone else. Questions like the following:



Can you hack someone for me?

Here we will help out and provide resources that may help answer your questions. To begin with, hacking without permission is unlawful and this is not something that we do.

First of all, it is very important that you call 911 if you are in danger or feel unsafe. Another alternative to calling 911 is a non-emergency call. You can look up your local police department's number on their website and call them for a non-emergency call.

How do I solve issues with my significant other?

If you are struggling with a significant other and need information, there are many things you can do. One option is to get a private investigator if you need to acquire certain information on what your significant other is doing. They are professionals and can help if you think a significant other is cheating or doing other things behind your back.

If your significant other is fighting to let go of the joint bank account, bills, or other valuables, we recommend you hire a lawyer. They will be able to get your valuables back legally.

If you are having problems with an ex-partner using your phone data or your social media accounts we recommend these:

  • For phone data, call your phone company and change your phone number or tell them to take your ex off of the phone bill
  • For social media accounts either go into settings and log out on all devices or change your password


I think my partner is cheating on me. How can I hack into his social media?

We will not help you hack into your partner's social media accounts. Please have a candid conversation with your partner.


I have a deceased family member, how do I access their social media accounts?

What can you do if you start having issues with social media, (i.e. cannot get into your account, you are being hacked, or are struggling to get into a deceased family member's account) then you can always contact the social media platform. They have procedures in order to help you gain access or delete the account. They are always willing to help you out and are usually quick about taking care of it. Facebook offers the ability to remove or memorialize accounts of deceased family members. Twitter has similar procedures in place as well.


How do I know if someone is cyberstalking me?

What is Cyberstalking and how do I know if it is happening to me? Cyberstalking is the use of technology to harass, threaten, or find the location of a person. Someone who is cyberstalking will show up at the same places as you, send you messages and threats online, try to friend you on multiple social media platforms, and try to separate you from friends and family.

We recommend you follow these 2 steps:

  1. Save all your messages, it is evidence and can be used against whomever is stalking you.
  2. Call in the professionals, here are some people you can contact:
    1. Organizations that are available to help victims of cyberstalking, like BADASS Army, and others such as:
    2. Private Investigators can specifically help people who are being cyberstalked. Here are some resources for private investigators such as:
    3. A lawyer that specializes in helping people with restraining orders for severe cases of cyberstalking such as:
    4. A therapist may be able to help if you are recovering from stalking. Always look into your local therapists for one that fits your needs. Therapists such as:


Can you hack my grades to make them higher?

If you are having trouble with your grades, we can not help with that. What you can do is look up local tutoring services in your area, ask a friend, classmate, or a family member to help you study. Here are some tutoring links:

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