22 April, 2020

Can I set up days or times where the device won’t scan

Can I set up days or times where the device won’t scan
Larry Franklin
Author: Larry Franklin

When subscribing to a Scout service at Secure Ideas, we request that you submit a Scout order request. On this form you can identify your network hosts, non-testing times, and of course the point of contact for Secure Ideas to contact in the case of any scanning issues that may affect scanning.

Although it is unlikely that our vulnerability assessments would cause any network issues, it is possible that a client’s firewall may detect some suspicious activity. This could cause some network lag and service interruptions. If this is a concern, Secure Ideas can lower the process bandwidth in our scanning software or perform scanning after hours. However, by performing scans after hours or during non-peak times the scan may not be as effective. When scans are performed after hours, some network systems may be offline, which can prevent an accurate assessment. After all, attackers don’t care what time of day you prefer to be attacked. Additionally, if scanning is performed after hours, it is typically more difficult for teams to react if issues are discovered.

Another option Secure Ideas has available, is to set routine scanning schedules. We also provide our clients with a list of hosts on which scanning will be performed. This allows the systems analyst to identify certain system alerts and recognize the events as being from a Secure Ideas IP. Secure Ideas staff are also just an email or call away, and are able to assist you with any questions. Secure Ideas can also provide guidance based on your organization's policies and network structure to provide the best network coverage.

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