Risks of AI Generated Content, According to an AI Content Generator

Risks of AI Generated Content, According to an AI Content Generator
Doug Bigalke
Author: Doug Bigalke

AI and Machine Learning (ML) have become increasingly popular tools in various industries, ranging from business to healthcare. However, with the rise of these technologies comes a new set of ethical and security issues that must be addressed.

The primary concern when it comes to AI writing articles is the accuracy and reliability of the output. Many AI systems are designed to generate content based on data sets, and if the data is not properly verified or updated, the AI system may produce inaccurate articles. Furthermore, AI-generated articles lack a human touch; AI cannot always judge whether certain topics require more research or nuanced understanding.

Another concern is AI's ability to learn from previously written material and produce what is essentially plagiarized content. AI algorithms can be trained to generate articles without proper attribution and may not be able to distinguish between original and copied material. This could lead to legal issues within publication or copyright infringement.

Finally, AI also raises security concerns. AI systems are vulnerable to cyber attacks that can compromise the data used for training AI models. AI systems can also be manipulated to produce malicious content, such as fake news articles or other types of disinformation.

Though AI and ML are powerful tools for many organizations, it is important to consider the ethical and security implications when using them for automated article writing. AI should be used responsibly, with measures taken to ensure accuracy and prevent malicious use. AI should also be monitored to ensure it is producing content that is up-to-date with current trends and topics. Finally, AI should always include appropriate attribution when taking inspiration from existing sources. By following these guidelines, AI writing can be used safely and ethically for a variety of purposes.

With the emergence of consumer level AI content generators such as Lensa and Jasper, questions have been raised about the ethics of using these tools. We thought it would be an interesting question to actually have the AI answer. The five paragraphs above were generated by the Jasper.ai platform. 

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