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Welcome to the Professionally Evil Insights blog by Secure Ideas! In this digital playground, we unravel the complex world of information security with a touch of fun. Our expert-led content ranges from deep-dives into penetration testing to explorations of hardware hacking. Whether you're curious about Secure Ideas or passionate about cybersecurity, this blog is your quick, enlightening, and entertaining guide into the captivating world of information security.

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    Professionally Evil Web App Pen Testing 101 Course
    UPDATE: Updated the done steps. below. Also changed the links from S3 to Git. Since our founding in ...
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    Full disclosure debate.... again?
    The full disclosure debate has raged over the years again and again. While I am sure that many ...
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    Professionally Evil Training Event: Multiple classes being offered in Orlando FL April 6-9 2015
    Secure Ideas is very excited to announce their training event for April. We have worked with the ...
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    SamuraiWTF 3.0 and into the future!
    SamuraiWTF 3.0 and into the future! November 30, 2014 March 19, 2021 / By Kevin Johnson We are ...
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    Tactical Burp Suite Webinar
    We have decided to try something new here at Secure Ideas. We have a long history (as long as the ...
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    Professionally Evil Courses: Ride Along Penetration Testing
    Secure Ideas is excited to announce the latest class in our Professionally Evil Course series: Ride ...
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    Too Small to Hack: Small Business and Security
    If you are paying attention to the news, security is a big topic. At least that’s what CNN and the ...
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    Is that a Shark? - Common Security Mistakes Organizations Make
    At Secure Ideas, we work with a large number of organizations. These range from small mom-and-pop ...
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    Comprehensive Testing: Red and Blue Make Purple Video
    James Jardine and I held the Comprehensive Testing (Purple Teaming) webcast yesterday. In this ...
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    Professionally Evil Web Penetration Testing Class
    Ever thought about being able to test the security of your web applications? Wanted to know how the ...
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    Professionally Evil Training: Advanced Tactical Burp Webinar
    Secure Ideas is excited to announce its latest upcoming online training. We will be offering a ...
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