Are there weaknesses within your webmail infrastructure?

RemoteAccessScout offers rapid vulnerability assessments of your remote access infrastructure and systems and is designed to quickly identify problems before attackers can.

The Secure Ideas Difference

As our workforce has moved from offices and buildings to working from home, security assessments of the remote access systems is critical. This is even more critical due to the rapid deployment of many of these systems. To assist organizations in assessing their remote access risk, Secure Ideas offers RemoteAccessScout. RemoteAccessScout is a one-time vulnerability assessment backed by our security consultant experience. Secure Ideas performs a vulnerability assessment of remote access systems, such as:

  • VPN Servers
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Phone Systems
  • Webmail Portals
  • Remote Access Systems

This assessment is evaluated by our consultants and within 2 (two) business days of the request a report is available to the client. This rapid vulnerability assessment assists our clients in understanding and evaluating the risks before an attacker can.



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  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Human-augmented 🤖
  • Any Size

Our Engagement Process

Scout subscriptions are a recurring testing model. During each test, our consultants follow a set of procedures that build upon the previous tests. Our process is as follows:

  1. Asset Discovery: Our systems scan the network ranges for hosts and end points. This generates a report of target systems. It is also exported to the client for their consumption internally.
  2. Vulnerability Scanning: Our testing and assessment tools will scan the discovered hosts for known vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the configurations. This scanning is based on indsutry standards.
  3. Manual Assessment: Our consultants review the results of the previous two steps to remove false positives and find any issues missed by the scanning. (This is what differentiates RemoteAccessScout from the common automated tool sets.)
  4. Reporting: Our consultants create and deliver a report that outlines the findings, what they mean to the client, and recommendations on how to remediate the issues.

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