Quality Results and Performance: Expert Consultants for Controls Testing to Mitigate Risks

Controls Testing goes beyond traditional penetration testing by deliberately evaluating deployed security controls and their effectiveness in mitigating risks. Unlike penetration testing, which exposes flaws, controls testing examines a broader scope of risks and controls, encompassing policies, procedures, and technical safeguards. By verifying the functionality and efficacy of these measures, organizations gain valuable insights into their resilience against real-world threats, enabling informed decisions to strengthen their defense strategies.


Empowering Resilient Defenses

Security Controls Testing with "purple team" approach. Our consultants collaborate, identify specific controls, and simulate targeted attacks to strengthen your organization's protection measures & mitigate risks.

Comprehensive Security Controls Testing Solutions:

Explore our range of security controls testing solutions, encompassing penetration test add-ons, audit assistance, and security operations detection exercises. Through collaborative "Purple Team" engagements, we identify specific controls, simulate targeted attacks, and fortify your organization's defenses with real-world effectiveness. Empower your business to proactively mitigate risks and strengthen resilience.

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Purple Teaming

Purple teaming serves as a highly collaborative, specialized form of security assessment that synergizes the expertise of your organization's internal security team (commonly known as the Blue Team) with that of an external attack team (known as the Red Team). This joint effort aims to rigorously evaluate targeted security controls, providing a comprehensive understanding of their efficacy and configuration status. Unlike traditional security assessments where the Red Team and Blue Team operate independently, a Purple Team engagement facilitates real-time information sharing and adjustments, enhancing the overall quality of the test.

In a typical Purple Team exercise, the Red Team conducts controlled attacks designed to challenge and probe specific security controls, while the Blue Team monitors, responds, and adjusts configurations in real-time. This iterative process allows for immediate feedback and accelerated remediation, ultimately validating whether your security controls are robust and fit-for-purpose. As a result, Purple Teaming serves as not just a test, but also as a learning opportunity and training exercise for both teams involved, promoting a more resilient security posture for your organization.

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Penetration Add-on

Collaborative Planning, Targeted Assessments. Our team coordinates with you to identify concerns, discuss controls, attack surfaces, and possible scenarios. Tailored assessments for effective control evaluation may involve additional access or positioning to simulate specific threat actors. Close coordination ensures maximized assessment value.

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Audit Assist

Internal audit teams often struggle to understand the nuance of cyber security technologies.  When reviewing identified controls, they can become dependent on the IT or Security teams to self-attest to the proper deployment and configuration of those controls.  Our consultants can assist in those audit discussions by providing subject matter expertise to your audit team.  We can help you draft control questions, lead conversations with various teams to discuss those controls, and assess responses to identify additional areas of concern that should be further reviewed. 

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Security Operations Detection Exercise

Assessing the capabilities of your Security Operations Center (SOC) is vital in the face of potential threats. Our controls testing involves coordinated attack scenarios to evaluate your SOC's detection and response times. Through collaborative exercises, we validate their procedures' real-time mitigation effectiveness. Limited team members assist in planning and executing scenarios to maintain test integrity. Typically performed before a penetration test, this approach minimizes disruptions to efficiency and coverage, guaranteeing comprehensive evaluations of your SOC's performance.

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Controls Testing scope can vary significantly based on your goals. In some cases, it can be included as part of an existing penetration test at minimal or no additional cost. For stand-alone engagements, we will discuss your specific needs and expectations, and develop a customized testing plan to fit. 


The Process