31 January, 2023

Is the CISSP Mentorship for me?

Is the CISSP Mentorship for me?
Jenee Rogers
Author: Jenee Rogers

“Knowledge is power.” That quote has been said more times than you can count because it’s true. The common body of knowledge (CBK) covered in the CISSP provides an industry-standard way of discussing security.  So, the way we gather knowledge tends to vary immensely. Rush learning with Boot Camps or slow learning with semester-long classes. Not to mention In-person vs Online classes. With all these variations, how do you know if the class is going to provide you with what you need to know, and will it stick? Well, if you have been trying to find a class with those qualities, the CISSP Mentorship class by Secure Ideas is the class to take.

Let’s break down the format of the class, first and then dive into some of the other details. Firstly, this is a 10-week long class that meets once a week, online, at 2 pm EST on Tuesdays. The instructors of this course have worked this plan out a few times updating it with suggestions from students. In the past, they have experienced boot camps and rushed content that did not stick and did not have a great success rate. By spreading the content out over 10 weeks, they allow you time to read, retain, and listen to the content, which has worked out quite well. 

This class has something most classes don’t: multiple instructors that rotate throughout the entire 10-week class. While that may sound odd, it honestly works out quite well. There are two instructors per class, which allows for fun banter and excellent conversations. By switching up the instructors, students don’t get bored as quickly. The instructors all have different teaching methods and personalities so you feel like they want to be there, rather than someone who is reading from a script. The thing about these instructors is that they DO want to be here. They want to impart their knowledge to people who are willing to learn and do it in a fun and happy way. Going to class doesn’t feel like a chore, you actually want to show up and ask questions and chat with the team.

Now, the content itself is dry. Don’t get me wrong, there's nothing you can do about that, and I will advise you not to read while laying on your back -  no one wants a giant book to fall on their face when they fall asleep. BUT, if you can get through the content and join the weekly meetups, you will honestly retain more than you imagine. After the material is discussed, the instructors work through questions. After each question is an explanation, rather than just an answer. Make it stick! That’s what we are looking for and that is VERY well done here.

After class is over, there is the other benefit of taking this course, which is the Professionally Evil Slack Channel. If during the week you have a question or a comment, you have access to the team, as well as fellow students. A chance to chat about questions that mostly everyone has (but may not want to admit), this is the platform to further your knowledge without judgment. As someone who asks a lot of questions, this is the BEST feature of the class. 

Last but not least, the CISSP Mentorship is not a one-time thing. Secure Ideas knows that people have lives. Things come up, which may take you off track of the class or you just don't feel ready to take your exam and you want to do this again. Well, good news everyone, after taking the class once, every student is now a CISSP Alumni. This means you are able to enroll in the next live session for free, as many times as you like. The flexibility really lends to help a person's state of mind and to be able to feel good when they walk in the exam room. Honestly, a really amazing feeling.

The question is are you the right audience for this class? Most people feel you should be an infosec technical person because having this certificate attached to your name will really set off your resume. While that can be true, as a Project Manager, I feel this class is beneficial for anyone. The CISSP is not just technical content, it is also (and perhaps more so) management concepts. In the description of CISSP it says, “when you earn the CISSP, you have what it takes to effectively design, implement and manage a Cybersecurity program.” Another really crucial benefit of the Secure Ideas class is that it makes the program graduate (whether they take the exam or not) a more effective communicator, which is a skill that's nigh impossible to overvalue.  The well-rounded aspect of the CISSP can make you a more well-rounded person. Which in turn makes you a more hirable person. 

So, what do you have to lose with this Pay What You Can CISSP Mentorship class? Nothing at all.

You can sign up for the 2023 CISSP Mentorship Session on our training page here

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