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    How to verify PGP signatures
    PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is an encryption software that is mostly known for its use in email. It is used for encrypting, decrypting, and signing emails and files. Today we’ll focus on two of its most valuable features: verification and signing. Why check PGP signatures? Signing and verifying the ...
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    Run as Admin: Executive Order on Cybersecurity
    On May 12, 2021, President Biden issued an executive order on cybersecurity. This new order ...
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    AppSec Cheat Code: Shift Left, Shift Right, Up, Down & Start
    Seamless and unobtrusive security is the future. We are huge advocates of shifting left and moving ...
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    3 Reasons to Pentest with Brave
    3 Reasons to Pentest with Brave November 30, 2020 March 19, 2021 / By Ochaun Marshall Penetration ...
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    The OPSEC of Protesting
    For the past three months thousands of people have been protesting in the United States due to the ...
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    [Update] Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities
    When an organization has a breach, you would like to imagine that the attacker crafted a new ...
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    In Case of Fire: Break Windows
    When a client calls us to pentest a web application that is only available in Internet Explorer. I ...
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    IAM Access Analyzer Review
    TL;DR – This is a free tool that helps solve one of the biggest security problems when working in ...
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    IAM Root: AWS IAM Simulator Tutorial
    If you needed yet another reason to be paranoid about your personal information being exposed, the ...
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    Taming the Jungle: Hardening your AWS infrastructure
    After nine tutorials, sixteen posts on stack overflow, and several hours or workweeks of effort ...
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    Welcome to the New
    We are excited to announce the launch of the new Secure Ideas website. It is located at the same ...
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    Cave of Broken Mirrors: 3 Issues with AWS Cognito
    Rey while searching for someone finds a distorted reflection Secure Ideas is currently working on a ...
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