28 July, 2020

Visual Learner? Look no further!

Visual Learner? Look no further!
Jenee Rogers
Author: Jenee Rogers

Secure Ideas has been in the business for 10 years and over the last ten years we have found that everyone learns differently. There is no set way for someone to understand and retain new information. Because of this, we have worked on different ways to supply you the knowledge that you need. A few of the ways that we use to keep you informed are blogs, knowledge center pieces, short and long-form videos, online and in-person training, and even Slack for open communication. 

Since there are so many learning styles out there, we wanted to direct your attention to an additional venue for accessing the information we provide. To that effect, we have cleaned up our Secure Ideas Youtube Channel and currently have 12 playlists available.

Our playlists vary depending on your topic of choice. We have things from Application Security to CISSP Introductions and one of our favorites, our Professionally Evil Fundamentals Video series. Subscribe to the Secure Ideas Youtube for weekly updates! 

For more video information, please visit our Youtube. If you have any questions or requests about Secure Ideas services and training, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via our info@secureideas.com email.

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