19 April, 2019

Welcome to the New Secureideas.com

Welcome to the New Secureideas.com
Ochaun Marshall
Author: Ochaun Marshall

We’ve spent the past months working on the new site, and it comes with a lot of changes, both in terms of visual design and under-the-hood. Starting with our visual design, we decided to go with a simplified menu structure and brighter theme. Our Consulting, Training, and Semi-Automated Scout services are now accessible on their respective pages. Prospective clients and resellers can easily get in touch by contacting us through a unified contact form on theRequest Quote page. The new site also gives better access to our Professionally Evil® community page, which we will be updating with articles, interviews, and open source projects.

On the technical side, we used GatsbyJS, a static progressive web app generator built in React, to manage layout, content integration, and improve performance. Our content is currently produced using a customized markdown format that is neatly managed within a private git repository.  We use GatsbyJS in our CI pipeline, pushing the generated static html to an AWS S3 bucket, with AWS CloudFront for delivery.

As previously mentioned, we are also working on redesigning our portal to provide seamless access to documents, promote better communication between teams, and allow for on-demand access to information pertaining to our clients’ security posture.

We are certain that in our new website, you will find all the information you need. If you have any feedback that you would like to send us concerning your experience with the website, please shoot us an email. Many thanks for your ongoing support, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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