10 December, 2014

Web Penetration Testing with Burp and CO2

Web Penetration Testing with Burp and CO2
Jason Gillam
Author: Jason Gillam

Start 2015 right with a free web session to learn all about the Burp CO2 plugin!  This training is scheduled for Thursday, January 8th, 2015 at 2pm EST.

Portswigger’s Burp Suite is a very popular and flexible intercepting proxy tool among web application penetration testers. During this training session I will provide an overview of Burp Suite and how it can be extended to perform functions that are not directly available in the tool. The session will continue with a detailed explanation and demonstration of my Burp CO2 extension suite, using targets in the Samurai Web Testing Framework (Samurai WTF) distribution. Attendees may choose to follow along in their own Samurai WTF VM or just sit back and watch the show. Most CO2 modules will run in both the Free and Professional editions of Burp Suite.

Sign up for training here: https://attendee.gototraining.com/r/2091721179351153665

Jason Gillam is a Senior Security Consultant with Secure Ideas. If you are in need of a penetration test or other security consulting services you can contact him at jgillam@secureideas.com, on Twitter @JGillam, or visit the Secure Ideas – ProfessionallyEvil site for services provided.

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