09 July, 2013

Who We Are: Thom Dosedel

Who We Are: Thom Dosedel
Secure Ideas
Author: Secure Ideas

Thom Dosedel, Senior Security Consultant at Secure Ideas.
What do I do at Secure Ideas:

Like my fellow consultants, I participate in both internal and external penetration tests performing structured attacks on network, web, wireless, or mobile environments.  We also perform architecture reviews, provide defense based analysis and recommendations.

What is my security background in a nutshell:

My security background is a bit inside-out, that is, my experience in operations, administration, development and configuration management have given me great insight on how complex systems are interconnected and interdependent.  My work in configuration management and infrastructure discovery opened my eyes to some very interesting vulnerability opportunities for exploitation as well as implementation flaws and exposures.
What is my favorite attack:

My favorite attack is the exposing the vulnerability you didn’t know you had then showing you how to protect and defend against it.

What am I learning about now:

There are so many cool tools out there and I’m digging into as many as I can along with picking the brains of our awesome consultant team.  There are a few development projects I’m working on that I’ll blog about later and I’ve an interest in Node.js

Reaching me:

email: thom@secureideas.com
web: https://www.secureideas.com/?src=thom
twitter: http://www.twitter.com/skazal
linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/tdosedel

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