28 March, 2013

Who are We: James Jardine

Who are We: James Jardine
Secure Ideas
Author: Secure Ideas

To continue on with the series of “who we are” here at secure ideas, here is the second profile post.

Please feel free to reach out to each of us with any comments or questions you may have!

Who am I:

James Jardine, Principal Security Consultant at Secure Ideas.

What do I do at Secure Ideas:

I get to do a little bit, scratch that, a lot of everything at Secure Ideas.   Most of my time is spent performing consulting work for our many clients.  In addition, I spend a lot of time helping define and improve internal processes for Secure Ideas.   I enjoy creating blog posts, videos, and most recently, the Professionally Evil Perspective podcast. 

What is my security background in a nutshell:

I come from a development background, which I think helps in my security consulting experience.  I first got my taste of security back in 2001 when a client I was contracting for needed someone to look into a possible network breach.  From that point, I started focusing more on application security in my development roles.  I really enjoy the challenge of security and am always looking to learn more.  About two years ago I became an instructor for SANS teaching their Dev544: Secure Coding in .Net course. 

What is my favorite attack:

While I enjoy a wide range of the attacks I get to perform, my favorite is the phishing attacks, or social engineering.  I really enjoy the challenge of trying to craft an exploit that I am going to then use to target another user to see if I can gain the advantage.  Every user is different and the back story and technique used can very a lot. These types of attacks allow for the most freedom and can be really fun.ssh

What am I learning about now:

I am really trying to dig into MVC development.  It is a very popular programming paradigm and I am trying to do much more with it.  I am also learning a lot about SEO which is quite interesting.

Reaching me:

There are a ton of ways to reach me directly:

email: james@secureideas.com
web: https://www.secureideas.com/?src=james
twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jardinesoftware
linkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jjardine/

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